How to create a private room in Among Us and play with friends

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Developed and finally released in June 2018, it only had a few million downloads, but two years later it has established itself as the leading platform for the world's most popular and recognized skill and skill games. Currently has more than 103 million registered users and downloads for Android, iOS and PC totally free.

The game allows you to play between players connected from the Internet in different parts of the world or with close friends. It also allows you to play locally, host, enter other rooms, and more.

The main idea of ​​the game is that it is a crew consisting of a limit of 10 crew members (players) who are in a spaceship to their home planet, but that there is someone who does not want them to arrive (impostor), who during the game must try to find out who he is and eject from the ship.

Steps to organize and play a private game in Among Us

To start a game you need to open the app, click on the mode you want to play (local or online), there you will see the available rooms and the players in each of them.

If you play locally, the players of the system itself (robot) will appear and it is not possible for a real user to enter, it is individually, easily accessible and without an internet connection.

Now, if you want to play with friends or strangers (app users), search for rooms in online mode and enter the one you like. You we recommend to insert the one that contains a number equal to or less than 4 participants, so that you can be added and that access is not denied.

At the beginning of each game they will let you know what role each participant has (if crew member or impostor), but sometimes we want to be the impostor multiple times or every time we play, as it is easier for us to disguise ourselves and not be discovered

How to change the settings of a private online game

Among the game modes allowed by the platform, it is possible that you are the host in some of them, that is, that you create the games so that you can play with your team, family or friends. Creating a game will be very easy and fast if you follow the steps that we will indicate below:

  • Enter the game
  • Click on the online option
  • Once there, you need to locate where it says HOST
  • Pick and choose your audience (so anyone can see your room)
  • Press on create game and it will automatically be visible in the list of rooms

On the other hand, it is also possible to change the name of your avatar or the name of the room (before starting a new game), to make it more personalized or to make the players more pleasant and enjoy a greater use of the app.

In case you want to change your online private game settings, you just have to go to the game tab that says Customize. From here it is possible to modify various aspects that will affect the game, such as the emergency meetings that can be held and the speed of play of each character. You can also influence the moment when the suspicion of being the famous imposter can be expelled, among many other things.

How to get private game codes in Among Us

To get the codes for private online games, you have to participate as a guest, so you have to wait for the host to create the game. From the game itself, each player will be sent a code so that everyone can participate; Once you know what it is, you just have to enter it on the Among Us platform and press the button that says Play online from the Private section.

With these simple tips, you will be able to enter the game smoothly, no just wait for the other team members to connect to start the game.

How to join a private match using codes

Many Among Us users often wonder if they can play only with your friends, without a stranger entering the room, but they don't know how to do it and need help to be able to perform this method.

Here we explain in a simple way how you can create a room that is fit the description above and adapt to your needs as you enjoy this amazing skill game.

When are you going to create a private game, you must follow in detail the steps that have been explained above, with total precision until you choose to be the guest of the room, from then on change what is appropriate for what we suggest in this part:

  1. When you host the game, two new options will appear
  2. You have to choose where it says PRIVATE ROOM
  3. Then click create game and voila, you can play with friends

When you create a private room, it gives you a secret number so that only whoever you want to have access to. So, to invite someone to play in your game, devi alone send them this code and they can easily enter to play together in your room.

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