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Advantages of having a private server

Making us a private server has many advantages in ARK Survival Evolved, one of which is that you would have more control over the game. Since you would be the administrator or the owner of the server, then you would have freedom in the settings and preferences of the video game.

Also, the operation of the operating system you own may be affected by the properties required by such a game, which affect your progress. So, having a server, you can compensate for defects in the operating system of your device and have a better speed in the response of the game.

On the other hand, you will avoid that bad time of being on a random server, the host will disconnect and there your game ends. With your server, this wouldn't happen ei your friends and guests may continue to play even if you are not logged in.

And from the perspective of the guests on your server, you'd have better control over who do you want to accompany you in this fantastic adventure and be more exciting. In fact, many famous youtubers use these private servers to play with their colleagues, one of which is called Arkadia.

Create a private server in ARK: Survival Evolved

Buy a server and take it home, the truth is that it's not accessible to everyone, but you can use server rental sites. There are many vendors offering good alternatives for these cases and one of the most reputable is Nitrated. 

After researching this server's page, the next thing is to go to one management resource of the ARK server, there are many to choose from. For example, one that enjoys a lot of support from the ARK community is Ark Server Manager, which is constantly updated.

Create your sever

To create your private ARK server we can use the our PC and the router which provides us with the internet connection. The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to download the original ARK game, to avoid errors when applying the following steps:

  • We need to enter the router interface to open its ports (the gateway address of these computers varies by manufacturer).
  • Once we are in the menu, enter " Ford Forwarding ".

  • Once found in this section, we add the ARK ports, press “Add” and under “Local IP address” we enter the IP of our PC.
  • Put "Star Point" and "End Point" where it says the numbers 2705 and put TCP.
  • Then do the same thing again but with angel number 7777 and you give it to accept and you will have opened the doors.

We have to go to the game and in the “Host” option, enter a username and password that others will use to join our server. After giving OK to these settings, the game will close and another window will open, which will be the server, which must remain open.

The path to play on the computer the server was created from is: This Computer> Local Disk (C)> Programs (x86)> Steam> Steamapps> Municipality> Ark> Shootergame> Binary> win64.

Finally we run the game and choose "Join Ark", then in "Server Filter" we leave it in "UnoOficial" and delete " Show secure password ". By applying all these steps, our private server should be reflected in the list and thus, you already have more control and experience while playing.

You will be able to have complete mastery in the game and together with the tricks you know to survive in ARK Survival Evolved, you will have the most fun.

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