How to create a school or college in Minecraft? - Very easy!

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And it doesn't get any more fun than that unleash the your imagination in a world created just to build however you like. If you are one of the new and think that this is not true, because they are pure cubes, then it is time for you to learn some simple tricks that will allow you to create an attractive structure.

Create a school or college in Minecraft

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that today you will learn the basic things (tips). Because the construction depends on each person and it depends on how imaginative one can become.

To create a school or college in Minecraft you have to choose the materials indicated. Because, for example, if you do everything out of stone, it will feel more like a prison than anything else.

These materials can be: wood (it can be any color, but light brown is the most recommended), also glass or glass, stone and concrete.

Getting it is simple, as they are basic materials and can be achieved with basic tools made of wood or stone, you get it wood from the trees and simply placing it on a work table turns it into tables.


The stone is obtained by chopping (if you want to give it a finer touch you can pass it in the oven so that it returns to its original state and not broken). Glass is obtained by melting sand in any oven.

And finally the cement (which is the most complicated), it must be created by combining four of gravel, four of sand and any dye on a work table, in the following position:

The four sands in the corners, the gravel in the remaining squares (i.e. the center of the sand) and the dye in the middle. This will give you the cement powder which in contact with water will become solid and you can use it to decorate.

Now that you know what materials you need it for create a school or college in Minecraft, it's time to move on to the basic building tips.

Construction of a school

The first thing you should do is place a starting block, which will mark the starting and central point of your facility, then walk at least 20 steps on each side of said cube to mark the width of your building.

Then place the foundations to start putting the blocks up by creating the walls (which are 10 tall). These can be made from white concrete to give it a modern feel. After creating the walls, proceed to break where you want the windows to go and place them.


Then put the wooden floor and ceiling (to match, and in case you want the school to have more floors, leave a hole where the stairs go up). So that the ceiling is not flat, create wooden stairs and place them on the edges towards the bottom and then form a triangle towards the center.

Also, use these same stairs to create student desks. Take advantage of the pictures to create a whiteboard that should go to the end of one of the walls (there is no glass in that part). You can also make tables with ladders (Place two upside down facing each other and they'll be the perfect shape).

Finally, place bookcases in various parts of the room against the walls, so that they look like educational book libraries (if you don't know how to make or create a bookcase, look for it).

And with that done, the rest is up to your imagination . But with this you can say that you know how to create a school or college in Minecraft, even as a beginner. Then you can move on to other projects like building a stone or wooden bridge, or building or creating big and difficult things that defy your imagination.

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