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This is very useful, as it facilitates the process of design of each object that makes up the game interface one by one, as well as having a very low weight, since it is only a folder with a set of images.

However, there are also those who prefer to dedicate themselves to making a texture pack on their own, as it gives them the power of give it a personal and distinctive touch.

Doing it is really simple, so today this article will consist of the instructions you need to make it happen.

What should you keep in mind before creating a texture pack for Minecraft?

When we refer to the texture pack, we are talking about what each of the objects that make up the game will look like. This includes the size, color and shape that will be displayed within the simulation, but not the player's appearance or skin.

Currently, many players choose to make this type of editions, as well as publish their content within the Internet networks.

This because facilitates the creation and customization of constructions, thus being able to improve things, such as the tools that are used daily.

On the other hand, you need to know the image quality that Minecraft offers. By this we want to refer to the resolution of the game, as currently many are set by 800×400 a 4K.

Unlike other games, Minecraft is a separate case because its image and objects consist of one 16 × 16 resolution, thus giving it this characteristic aspect.

The purpose of mentioning this is to point out that when creating a texture pack, the resolution of the design must be created with this size, so that there are no errors when reading the game.

Once all of this has been said, it will just be enough to get to work and let your imagination run wild to create the most interesting designs for your character.

How to create a texture pack from scratch?

Making a package to improve the image of your game's elements is very simple, you just need to follow the following steps to the letter.

Extract the texture folder

Like any other program, Minecraft is stored in a folder on your computer, usually on your hard drive. What you should do is access that file, find the version of the game you are using and open it from a compression software.

Inside the program window (preferably WinRAR), you will see a folder called “Textures”, which you should extract wherever you like.

Start planning

We have reached the most important step in this article. To create a texture pack you need to use software called

  • Once downloaded and installed, you just need to open it and set the aforementioned size (16 × 16) to start designing.
  • Since the box will look very small, we recommend that you zoom in and leave the background of the sheet transparent with rubber.
  • From this point you will just have to take the "Pencil" tool and start customizing each of the elements you use within the game to your liking.
  • In case you want to skip the step of creating each Minecraft tool from scratch, you can open each image within “Texture” in the program and simply change its appearance.
  • To finish, you will only need to copy each of the images inside the folder and replace it with the existing one in the version of Minecraft you are using.

Clearly, it's very easy, fast and simple to create your own package, so we encourage you to give it a try and have fun customizing your content. You are now ready to start a game with your friends.

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