How to create a trap to defend your home in Minecraft Very easy!

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This happens in the vast majority of video games, because no matter how much action there is, you can't always have the same intensity, because the developers can end up causing the player somehow.

It happens in fighting games that have a time limit per round, it happens in adventure games where there are not always enemies, it happens in horror games as we said before, and it also happens in racing games as the tracks are not infinite. As much as we love to play, we will always have moments to breathe and be able to think about our next game.

However, there are some games that have this a little more limited, such as with games like Dark Souls, where there aren't many places to feel calm, or play with. multiplayer games since you must always be careful.

The same thing happens with Minecraft, because no matter how much peace you can have in a place, sometimes you have to defend it. By this we mean that we cannot always be safe from the monsters or attackers that exist in the large world you have generated, since, even when you are at home you have to be careful that no one enters, and for this you can use traps.

Cheats in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of those games where you have to unleash all your creativity and put it to work when you need it most, whether it's building a log house or any other construction project. This is also true when it comes to show or mob that may appear while playing, because either you can always take the trouble to get close to one and fight with a bow or sword.

On the contrary, sometimes you just want to be shut up at home as you build new tools or make plans, and often this can only be done by cheating to defend your home. The amazing thing is that you can create a shared world to play Minecraft with your friends.

What tricks can I do in Minecraft?

Minecraft gives a lot of freedom to the player to be able to do whatever he wants, and this can be reflected in the use of the Red Rock during the construction of the circuits. Le traps they can be of all sizes and colors, to the point that there are some that have been quite creatively made, such as water traps that contain deadly puffers.

However, to assemble one you will need to have some knowledge, since the red stone circuits and the mechanisms that can be used with it can get a little tricky for newbies.

If your thing isn't looking for a long manual on redstone circuits to create a tricky trap, but something a little easier to protect your home or village, you can create three different traps. The first is a trap explosive, Basically a mine that you can make by placing a block of TNT under a block of sand on which a pressure device will go.

You can also create one water trap, using the stream to get mobs into a large block of water to drown, but keep in mind it won't kill skeletons or zombies. And you can also put a lava perimeter around the area you want to protect. Just remember that you can always find more developed tricks for players through different forums and other sites.

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