How to create a video game easily, from scratch, without knowing how to program

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Being able to create a video game is a common desire in most of the gamer community, because thanks to the long hours spent playing, they have new ideas that can become great attractions for other players.

However, it is known that the most popular games today were developed through a programming language, or at least a significant set of them, requiring hours of learning and dedication that not many are willing to undergo.

That's why more than one fan decides to abandon the idea of ​​making a video game and their big idea is stored and forgotten in a small corner of their brain.

As these cases became more common than previously thought, some software programmers began designing programs that could help these people.

In this way, there are currently a diverse number of them, which will allow you to program the video game and even stream it via Twitch, so here we show a short list of them so you can start testing them.

GDevelop will help you create a video game for major platforms

Enabled to design games that can be implemented within a website or mobile platform (both Android and iPhone), is an open source program that will allow you to work in a very simple way.

It's software you can find on GitHub, which explains where its open source functionality comes from, allowing you to manage its various documentation and tools.

It is currently available for major operating systems, such as Windows and Mac, both of which subscribe to a quick and easy tutorial that will allow you to learn how to create a video game without the need to know how to program.

Gamefroot, an option available in your browser

Conceived and designed for those beginners who do not want to download a program on their computer, Gamefroot is a space that allows them to create a video game from the browser of their choice.

Primarily designed for educational purposes, this is a tool that allows you to develop games of different characters, with visual and historical details.

That is why, if you are a programming teacher and want to encourage your students to develop their creativity, this page is completely free, accompanied by a guide that will encourage each of its visitors to design a game.

Kodu Game Lab expands the limits of video game platforms

Being a more specific program, Kodu Game Lab belongs to the Microsoft group and is intended to be able to create a video game compatible with Windows and Xbox 360.

Despite being characterized as highly developed software, it is intended for beginners who want to take a chance in the world of gameplay, therefore its attractive interface allows a quick understanding and use of the program.

Within its official page you can find updates, tutorials, videos that will serve as guides, forums and even educational resources, full of informative content on the tools, features and utilities of the program.

Stencyl is one of the main options for creating a video game

Don't be confused by the fact that it was included as the last title in this short list, as Stencyl is one of the most requested options by those who are new to the programming language to design a video game.

It is characterized by working without lines of code, which come replaced by building blocks very easy to use, to create a video game.

Equipped with a lot of versatility and useful tools, it allows you to create games that can be adapted to various platforms, such as mobile devices, computers, among others.

It should be noted that each of these designed programs can be linked to the platforms via links, so that each user can use them easily.

Once you have completed the design of your game, it will be sufficient to share it with the communities and even create a page that reviews who you are and the products you have created, to make yourself known and gain a lot of popularity within the game world.

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