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Routine and stress can affect us in such a way as to harm our health, the most recommended is to relax and look for ways we can distract ourselves. Throughout history the ways we have fun have changed slightly.

With the arrival of computer science and the digital world, a large field has opened up in which a wide variety of topics can be explored. Forms of fun have not been left behind and ways have been devised that we can use computers to create wonderful things.

This is the case with Games, consist substantially in the control the interface via controls, pass the levels and reach milestones. From the beginning, a large network of fans has formed who have identified with these games.

How to create an account in LoL - League of Legends for free?

With the passage of time, video games were changing, thus adapting to the demands of consumers. The categories in which these games are presented are very broad so that they can be equally attractive to all people.

Among the most popular categories we can find action games where combat is essential. Adventure in which we can explore fantastic worlds, even games in more specific categories such as sports, racing, strategy and luck.

There are also video games with different categories included, these are very popular, as we have a wider scope in terms of variety. Every so often we find video games that fit what we are looking for.

Cos’è League of Legends?   League of Legends is undoubtedly one of these games, this is basically a action video game which falls into the category of online arena battles. In which by downloading and installing it, we can connect with people from all over the world and experience great battles.

It was originally created and designed for the Microsoft Windows platform in 2009, having a resounding success due to player acceptance. It currently has a large community where players interact and share their experiences.

It currently counts more than 80 million active players around the world, such is its success that live tournaments were held with thousands of spectators. If we are users of League of Legends, it is very important to know all the tools available.

One of them is the League of Legends platform where we can register and interact with players who share our same tastes. In this article we will learn in a very simple way how to create an account in League of Legends for free.

Steps to create a free LoL account

To access the League of Legends online platform, the first thing we need to do is log into our trusted browser. Once there we go to the address bar located at the top of the screen and we enter the official page of the video game, which can be found at this link.

It is important before performing the following steps to select the region we live in, this option is located in the upper right corner of the page. The next step is to enter our email, we place it in the bar that says "Insert your email", then click "Start".

In the next tab we must indicate our date of birth, in the first box we put "Day", in the second the "Month" and in the third the "Year" where we were born. Now let's select the Next option from below.

In the box that says "Username" let's create the username we want to create, under where it says "Password" we create the password and then we confirm it. These will be the ones we will use to access League of Legends.

Finally we accept the terms and conditions e let's make click NEXT, in this way our account will have been successfully created on the page. In case we haven't downloaded the League of Legends game, the page will give us the option to download it for Windows

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