How to create an automatic garden in Minecraft? - Automatic crops

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Requirements for creating an automatic garden in Minecraft

For this type of 100% automatic farm, the main and decisive thing is to get a city with villagers. Because these will do the sowing work for the player. It can be any type of villager because when he enters the garden he will automatically become a farmer.

Take the hopper and the wagon

The hoppers and the wagon are required to automatically harvest the crops. To make a wagon or automatic wagon, simply fill the bottom row and sides of the middle row with iron ingots on a work table, leaving the center empty.

To make and use a hopper, you need a work table to place a crate in the center block, sides, top corners and bottom box, fill with iron ingots.


In particular, only two carts are needed and these must be joined to hoppers to be useful. In addition to this, separate hoppers are required. To combine these two elements, place the hopper object on top of the wagon on a work table.

Other basic items

For the construction of the automatic garden in Minecraft you need buckets of water, a hoe to till the earth, seeds of the crop to plant, torches and a large number of glass bricks.

Also, you need to get yourself a bell. This cannot be created, it can only be obtained by trading it with the villagers or by taking it from a village.

Steps to create an automatic garden in Minecraft

By getting all the necessary items you can start building 100% automatic garden in minecraft. For this you need to choose a flat and wide area, then make a hole and fill with a block of water. The composter must be placed above the water block.

From the composter you have to plow ten blocks away in all directions. The easiest way is to start with the straight areas and work up to the circumference. In the sixth block of these ten it is necessary to break and place a bucket of water.

The next thing will be to make the glass walls of a height of three blocks and the ceiling of the desired material. Once ready it is necessary to lure the two villagers into the orchard, this can be achieved by placing a ship in position and then going up to direct it.

To make the extractor fan, it is necessary to open a hole in the glass area, create a space for two boxes and close it again, leaving a hole in the walls to position the hood. The next thing will be to place a log under that area and some hoppers that go to the chest.

È necessario place a villager in the new area and in front of him place the two hoppers, one on top of the other. It is important that under these there is the hopper that leads to the hood.

To complete the automatic garden in Minecraft, the whole area must be sown and the other villager left in that field for when the crop is ready, this harvested and replanted. At dusk the farmer will hand over the crop to the other villager e the wagons will intercept by dragging objects in the trunk to be able to collect them.

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