How to create an EA Origins account to play for free? - Quick and easy

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EA Origins is an application for gaming platforms, such as Steam o EpicGames, in which we can register to enjoy its contents and as said platforms sometimes there are offers, free game trials, whether to be beta or for a weekend, also give the game disparity to have fun.

For example, there are a few games that we can enjoy for free within the Origins platform such as Apex Legends titles, Star Wars ™: The Old Republic in which you can play up to 60 story levels for free or Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances.

Also on the EA platform you can find the famous Sims game, which has been a favorite since it came out, in case you don't know it in Sims you can create your avatar to your liking, buy or build a house and manage emotions and actions of your avatar or Mod to which you can also download customized content.

Many game lovers do not know about its existence and turn to the knowledge of the web to find out, we will show you how to download and create an account in an easy and very fast way.

For PC we can also find the Steam gaming platform which we can also access for free.

Find the official page to create an Origins account

As always, the first step in everything is to locate the official page of the application in question, and for this we have different means.

The first is to use the search engine par excellence, positioning yourself in the empty bar and typing the name " Origini "And then pressing" Submit «.

In the meantime, the second procedure is to manually enter the exact link of the page, if we have it. Finally, we can access by clicking here.

In case it is the first option, we can identify the address as first choice in the Google results sheet.

Join EA Origins

To create an Origins account, within the website there will be a section marked in gray, on the left side, with various navigation options.

Below these, we will see two buttons, one that will say " Login » e » Sign Up »That we must press to start the registration process.

Almost immediately a pop-up window will appear with empty fields that we will have to fill in to proceed with the registration.

Among these, we must put the country in which we currently reside first and, likewise, our actual date of birth.

As a final element, it will ask us to accept the company's user agreement policies by checking the empty box, which will enable the button " NEXT «.

This will take us to a section with other blank fields, which we also need to fill in with relevant information to create an account in Origins.

Now, we will have to enter a valid e-mail address to which we have full access, as well as a password of medium complexity (recommended).

He will necessarily ask us for a User ID. With it, other players can find us if they search for us from the application. It must be unique, that is, it must be ours alone.

The last fields are intended for the real name and surname we have, these are optional, so it is our choice whether to complete them or not.

Finally, we have a security setup to protect our account, which consists of the traditional question and answer method. We determine the other display fields and e-mails and then click on » Create account «.

Verify or authenticate your Origins account

Once you have completed the steps to create an Origins account, the game service will take you there will send an e - email to the address we enter.

The window in which we will perform the registration will be open waiting for us to insert the pin, so we just have to go to the email and look in the inbox.

In this sense, the email statement will be " EA »And from the preview we can see the code without having to open the message, we take the pin and write it in the window.

Pressing » Submit ", It will give us a message saying we are welcome to the Origins community and will enable a button that says" To start «.

Consequently, it will take us to the main web site with the » Login »Completed and we will be able to access your account options and other settings.

Download Origins to your computer

In the same gray section of the register, you can see a small link with the word " Download ". When you press it, it will show you options to download the program based on your operating system.

There are many PC games and many times it is difficult to acquire them because the pages ask you for a credit card to access them but there is always a way to create free accounts, such as in the League of Legends game, or for Clash royale

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