How to Create and Add a Contact Form for a Blogger Website - Quick and Easy

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Contact forms are a very fundamental part of your Blogger site, as through it you can receive information from your followers, collaborations and other suggestions that will allow your site to grow. That is why learning how to perform this procedure will help you a lot and through this tutorial you will learn how to do it.

When create and configure a contact form, through this you will not only receive notifications in your e-mail when they want to contact you. Otherwise, even when someone registers on your page, this registration will come to your email with the person's data. Then you will understand the importance of creating this contact form on your blogger website.

How to create and add a webpage contact form in Blogger

When you work alone and create a web page, to show the world your skills or knowledge. It becomes even more relevant when you step by step you add body and personality to your site. We previously taught you how to embed a YouTube video on your Blogger website or blog.

But now we want you to learn how to enter or create and add a contact form for a web page in Blogger, step by step. Believe it or not, it's very simple to do and then we'll show you what you should do. As a first step, we will go to the Google browser and create a clip in the menu.

We will find it at the top right, where the nine square icon is located. A small window will appear with options such as The my account, Search, Maps, YouTube, Play, Gmail, etc. but below we will see the Other option and create a clip to select it and then in Other from Google.

This action will take us to a window with many options and here we will look for the Form option. We choose it by making a clip, now we have to enter with our Gmail account, after this we will enter the section Google Form. Now with the cursor, we will go to the bottom left where the plus sign is.

Contact form creation

We will make a clip there and it will take us to create a new module, then a box will appear with the name Untitled Form. Here in this part we will change the name to Contact Form and now select the Untitled Question option. And we will put Name in it, then we will go to the right part to choose the answer type.

We should note that in this right part there are several answer options that you need to choose, such as multiple options, paragraph, check box, etc. These will give users the response options that are expected of them. Also in the bottom right we will select whether the answer is mandatory or not.

When it comes to data such as first names, surnames, etc. The Required option must be entered for the user to fill in this field. We can add all the data we need, this depends on each and the nature of the Blog. For example, we can ask for the Surname, the Telephone, etc. Now, when we finish creating the questions, let's go to the top and select the Answers option.

And here we will activate the option Receive notifications by e-mail, for this we create a clip and finally we will go to the top right and select the option Send. It incorporates HTML and we will copy the code. We go to our blog and pages option and select Contact, then Edit, delete the code that shows us and paste the new code and finally make a clip on Update.

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