How to Create and Apply Custom Table Style in Excel - Simple Steps

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It's possible   create and apply a table style in Excel, but for this we should invest a lot of time and work. It is for this reason that we can do it in a custom way, where we can have the format we want by default, in advance. And so in this way so as not to waste a lot of time creating them, when it comes to making our tables.

That's why this article will focus on doing this with simple steps in the same way we did in the tutorial, where we show you how to create advanced and dynamic filters. Here is the simple explanation of how to create and apply a custom table style in Excel and, without wasting any more time, let's get started.

How to create and apply a custom table style in Excel

Like all those who use the Exel application, when you create or create your tables and want to format them, I need to put background colors, borders, text colors, etc. but there is a feature in this program that will allow you to do this much easier and faster.

This is achieved by going to the Format as Table option on the Home tab on the right. By creating a clip in this option, it will show you a large number of tables that already have a predefined format and you can choose from all of them.

After selecting, it will show you a small dialog box and ask you to enter the data range. And it will also ask you to select if it has headers on top and then you need to create a clip in the OK option.

This action will allow my table to take the parameters that the selected table contains and in this way I will give a preset style to my table. But I don't want my data table to take values ​​from the preset tables. If I don't want to customize it my way or taste, to do it, we'll do the following.

Create custom tables in Excel

create and apply a custom table style in Excel, we will go to the Home tab and we will create a clip in the Format as Table option, all existing tables will be displayed, and at the end you will find the New Table Style option. In this way it will show you the window, where we will go to create our personal style.

First we need to give this table a name, we will position it and then we will format the table. For this, we create a clip in the first option and then we will select Format, this will show us a new window and here we can define some elements.

This action must be performed with each of the table format options or with the ones we want to customize. Whenever we make a clip in format, a window will be presented, where we will define the font, color, style, effect, outline, etc.

We will also define the borders and the fill, all these parameters will be defined, by option. In the New Table Style window, on the right side, we can see how our table looks in the Preview section.

Continue to adjust and change the values ​​you want your table to take in the Format Table row. Choose what you want to change, then select Format and repeat this action as many times as necessary.

Now to finish, we will go to the bottom and create a clip in the OK option, now to find the table we have created. Let's go up Format as a table, we create a clip and there we will find our table in the Customize line.

And in this way, with simple steps we have shown you how to create and apply custom table style in excel, simple steps.

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