How to create and customize an Avatar with the totally free FaceQ application

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Thanks to this new phenomenon, numerous applications have arrived on the market that allow you to create your Avatar very easily. These are frequently used in various social networks, such as Facebook or WhatsApp, to be displayed as our profile picture. And with this your contacts, family and friends can identify you very easily.

As we have already mentioned, we can find many Apps that allow you to create Avatar so funny. Some in the shape of Android and others that take your face as a model through a selfie. This time we will show you how you can create or create and customize an avatar with the totally free FaceQ application.

How to create and customize an avatar with the totally free FaceQ application

Already, in the previous installments we showed you how to create a Gravatar in WordPress, where you can add a photo to your profile. But now we're going to show you how easy and awesome it is to create a avatar using the FaceQ app. And this way you can add a cartoon-like image of yourself to your profile, with your signs and characteristics.

With this article we want to give a special mention to this App, because nowadays it has become so viral and popular among social network users. But there are also games like Roblox, in which you can create your own avatar, but what makes this application so different from the others is that with it we can make a large number of changes, to give it more details and similarity with the user.

Another aspect that many users of this FaceQ application appreciate is its ease of use, as you can move between the various categories it contains without too many complications. When choosing features like chin, eyes, hair, etc. These offer you many different details, so you can choose the one that is most similar to you.

How to use the FaceQ app to create my avatar

To create and customize an avatar, you need to download it directly from the Play Store. Through this link you can do it very quickly, so you won't waste any more time using this fabulous App. If you can tell, it has a very high rating of 4,4 out of 5, which makes it excellent.

Another point in favor of this App is that it will not offer you advertising and you can periodically get new content. Which will allow you to place different Avatars on your social networks, once the application is installed on your mobile, you can immediately enjoy it and create the Avatar which looks like a Japanese anime.

When you open the application, it will ask you to create your head first and style it, you can also style your hair as well as the type of hairstyle and color. It offers you a large number of shades and hairstyles. Remember that this application will be updated and every time it will offer you new styles and different colors.

You will do the same with the shape and color of your eyes, your nose, your chin, in short, search through the large number of options it offers you so that your Avatar has the closest resemblance to you. After choosing the easy strokes. Now you can choose from the large number of clothes and costumes that you can find in the closet.

As you can see, you will have a lot of fun a create and customize an avatar with the FaceQ app. It is very easy, fast and most of all free to use this application and you have learned how to download and use it through this tutorial, which will guide you step by step.

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