How to create and design YouTube thumbnails using Canva for free online

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However, if you don't want to start with a fully editable template. You can also create a thumbnail from scratch using all the tools Canva has to offer for free.

Many already know what Canva is all about, it is a fairly complete web application focused on graphic design. You can even create stories for other social networks like Instagram or Facebook. But something you can also do is create and design thumbnails for YouTube.

Thumbnails are essential if you want your video to be successful. It is one of the first things the viewer sees and it is what they pay the most attention to. A well-made thumbnail can make the difference between a person who enters to see your video or choose another among the many options that the search engine offers us every time we search.

So don't waste any more time, learn how to create, design and place thumbnails on YouTube using Canva and create great quality thumbnails like a pro.

How to create YouTube thumbnails with Canva

Even if you may not believe it, one of the most important parts when creating a video is its thumbnail. Because thanks to it we can capture the attention of a greater number of viewers and generate more views for our video.

The problem with thumbnails is that being so small you have to have a lot of imagination to condense all the work done on video into a small image capable of capturing attention, capable of surprising.

Canva through this process becomes a lot easier and you can create a template with all the tools offered by this free online web service.

Create YouTube thumbnails for free with Canva Online

You can choose a template from Canva's extensive library as it has an infamous amount designed by professional designers. Although you also have the option of starting one from scratch, even if it will take more time and imagination.

So you have to choose to use as graphic elements: banners, frames, icons, etc.. You have a huge amount of elements that you can add. If you are careless you will spend a lot of time looking at them all.

You can also add any text you want as you can change the font, typeface, colors and customize everything as much as possible. Once the thumbnail is finished, you can download it for free to upload to YouTube.

With Canva it's extremely easy design a youtube thumbnail professionally and very easily. Since, as we said before, it has the professional tools that will allow you to surprise the viewer before entering your video.

Improve your YouTube search engine rankings. There are many factors that influence it. Among them is the fact that they visit your video. How can you do this among so many options? How can we distinguish ourselves among so many people who upload videos of the same theme? Very simple, with an attention-grabbing thumbnail.

When we use the search engine, one of the first things we see is its thumbnail. That is why it is too important that this is different from the others and above all original.

So now you know how to create and design youtube thumbnails using Canva for free online. A web application that not only helps you create thumbnails for YouTube, but you can also create Instagram stories with Canva for free.

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