How to create and have two Facebook accounts with a single email quick and easy

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Why do I need to have two Facebook accounts?

Some time ago, it would have seemed strange to know that people need to create two Facebook accounts; It is a very strong trend at the moment, since Facebook allows you to extend the reach of your business in Worldwide; This has opened up new possibilities, but it also leads to the need to separate your content.

It would be inconvenient and even annoying for your close contacts to constantly receive notifications about the products and services you offer as an entrepreneur; a compelling reason for wanting to create two independent Facebook accounts, like this you can separate your personal matters from your professional ones.

Surely you think that you will need to have two different mail accounts in the same way, to be able to do this; The answer to this question is yes, you must have two email accounts to create two Facebook accounts, as the regulations of this social network determine this. But in practice it can be overwhelming constantly changing accounts on Facebook.

A page on Facebook, be it a fan page or an online shop, is an excellent solution for small business owners, it has several advantages that a conventional profile cannot give you; These pages help you separate your personal profile content, company content and ad use Facebook as two different entities, with a single email.

Advantages of pages compared to profiles on Facebook

A fan page in the first place it has no limits to the capacity of contacts, while a profile has a maximum of 5000; an advantage that is multiplied by adding that, moreover, users or fans of a page do not need to be personal friends on Facebook to be members.

The other advantage that Facebook pages have is that all the publications you make on them will only reach fans who have previously given a "Like" or "Like"; which is why, you are sure that all the content you update will be to their liking and that they are potential customers to consume your products or services.

How to have two Facebook accounts with one email?

As we mentioned before, it is not possible to have two Facebook accounts with a single email, but it is possible to create a Fan Page which in practice is as if they were two different accounts; all managed by a single email and without having to log out and log back in to switch accounts, as would happen with two different emails.

You can create or have two or more pages Facebook quickly and easily, to do this you must first enter the Facebook session in your account for personal use; then you have to click on the "Create a page" button located at the bottom of the Facebook screen, or on the "Create" button which is visible at the top.

After choosing a category, in the case of a company it will be the "Brands and products" option, so we have to select a sub-category that will define the content our page will have ; Now all that remains is to upload a background and profile picture, enter a description on the page and invite our contacts to participate first.

In summary, we conclude that creating or having two Facebook accounts is very simple, if we try it through the fan pages instead of using the classic profiles; You save time and effort in segmenting your content and contacts, based on the category or topic of your page and you will be able to manage everything from a single email.

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