How to create and insert a quote on Facebook? - Step by step

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Facebook is one of the social networks that changed the world. This revolutionized the internet thanks to the different personalization features he added on his page (such as being able to see mutual friends between two people), allowing everyone to meet with a single click. It is precisely because of these customizations that today you will see how to create and insert a superscript on Facebook.

Believe it or not, a superscript if it can be created on Facebook. And while not many know what it is, anyone who is aware of it and also has a fairly active Facebook page (like a fan page), will certainly appreciate being able to learn about its creation today.

What is a superscript? And does Facebook allow it?


The first thing you need to know before starting this journey is that it will allow you to do and superscript on Facebook, is that in reality this social network does not allow it.

Facebook does not have a text editor like other networks so it is impossible to perform this process from there, what you will need is to use an online converter to achieve your goal.

This tool it is completely legal and it won't get you blocked on Facebook or anything like that. So you can be sure that what you do won't affect your page or profile.

The second thing to keep in mind is of course that it is an apex. For those of you who don't know yet or have vague notions, it's basically a smaller line of text (can be a symbol or a number) that goes over the normal sized text.

It is usually used in fractions and nomenclatures to indicate something, and are of the utmost importance to anyone managing math pages, or with symbology.

How to create and insert a quote on Facebook?

Now that the above is clear to you, it's time for you to begin the process that will allow you to finally create and insert a superscript on Facebook.

For that, first you need to go to your trusted browser and go up from there On this site you can convert your text to look like a quote on Facebook.

When you enter the web, you will see that a box will appear where you can enter the text you want, do it and then press the button called " Send »Or send in Spanish.

After that, the page will automatically load your text with the desired format and you just have to copy it with the combination of  tasti Ctrl + C.

Post it on Facebook

After copying the text, go to your Facebook profile (log in) and click on the option » State »Or declare in Spanish. When you do this, you must first place the text you want to insert in a standard size.

And finally, to complete the process, press the combination of tasti Ctrl + V, which will allow you to copy the superscript you converted in the previous step.

Hit the Enter button and voila, with that the status will be published as you wanted, with a superscript. Of course, the process can be repeated as often as you like and should never take more than 5 minutes.


Now that you know how to create and insert a quote on Facebook, you have nothing more to learn here, it is time for you to go to your computer and start replicating what you have read.

Remember to use this knowledge forever and don't go around commenting on nonsense on Facebook (because that would cause you to be blocked). Also keep in mind that this is not the only function that Facebook includes, within the page you can also insert or insert a link in a comment, or make a sign or a stone symbol with your hand (there are many more distinctive signs) , enter other stuff, so don't be alone with this tutorial and seek out more information.


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