How to create and open a Minecraft or Minecraft PE server in Aternos?

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If the above server name doesn't ring a bell, then you are not a real fan of this game. Because basically Aternos is one of the best pages that exist to generate servers, since it is free and has great technical support that guarantees hours of fun.

How to create and open a Minecraft or Minecraft PE server in Aternos?

In order to create and open a Minecraft or Minecraft PE server in Aternos, you have to keep two things in mind: the first is that it's completely free, you won't have to pay anything for it. And number two is that you can create it for any version of the game that you or your friends have installed (look for the one that suits you best).

The first thing you need to do to get or create your online server is to go directly to the page, which can be located from any browser. Entering this, you will notice that on the main screen it tells you all the advantages of creating an account and a server, it will also show you the its creators and collaborators.


This is important if you want more information, but if you want to create your server at once, click on the blue button called » Play »Which is right there, this action will take you to another section where you need to create an account if you don't have one or log in. In both cases, you just have to follow the instructions and fill in all the required fields, such as your username and your email.

Once inside you will see many configuration options, the one you are interested in is called «Start your server “, And you can identify it by its name and because there is a white rocket icon inside it.

Server configuration

Now that you've clicked the button, you are one step closer to creating and when opening a Minecraft or Minecraft PE server in Aternos, but before completing the last step you need to set it up. For this go to the "Options" menu that appears on the left side of the screen, there you will see many parameters that you can and must configure as you want, for example:

The game mode (whether it's hard, easy or normal), non-player characters (villagers), objectives (enable game objectives), underworld (nether), creatures (aggressive mobs) , the Whitelist (they allow you to create a table with people who can play), PVP (enable fights or battles), among others.


When they have already configured each of these as you see fit, you have to go to the option called " Software «, In this you choose which type of version you want to run on the server.

Finally go up " Server & Hosting »And press the green button called" Start «, With this you will get the name of your server, which you have to enter in your Minecraft (you have to log in within 5 minutes or the server will shut down due to lack of people).

And voila, to the question How to create and open a Minecraft or Minecraft PE server in Aternos ?, has been answered, so you just have to go to the page and follow the steps.

Remember that in order for the servers to work you should have already downloaded Minecraft from its official page, where all the versions are located (the download and installation of Minecraft PE is different so you have to look for a guide to play in this version).

As a final tip, you should update Minecraft to the latest version to play on a server (that's where the newest items are).

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