How to create and place curved or arched text in Canva - simple and convenient

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Just like you can create curved text in Adobe InDesign, Canva allows for the same action, with which you can improve the look of the designs you create with Canva. It may seem like a complicated process, but the truth is that it is quite easy to do, if you have any doubts don't worry, we will guide you step by step.

What are curved texts and what is their purpose?

If you're new to the world of publishing or Canva, everything might seem new and unfamiliar to you. In any case, using the application, you will realize that it is not complicated and that you can achieve excellent results.

The so-called curved or arched texts they are none other than this, texts that do not have a conventional orientation, that is horizontal, but that have a curvature designed to enhance their appearance.

Using curved text you can create arcs, text circles, zigzags and other shapes that are otherwise impossible. It is highly recommended that we give a professional look to all of our work, so we recommend that you apply it right away.

The purpose of curved texts is purely aesthetic, however it is essential if you want to improve the look of your work in Canva. Read our guide to learn how to apply curved text very easily.

How to create and place curved or arched text in Canva

The Canva application has many options that we can use to enhance the beauty of our work. Curved texts are useful after cutting photos in the shape of circles, squares, triangles, as they ensure that your work looks professional and elegant. If you have any doubts regarding this process, don't worry, just follow our steps and you will see how easy it is:

  1. To apply this effect you can use both a template and a work already done. The only important thing to keep in mind is set a text box.
  2. We also recommend that you block all content (except for the text you want to make curved). By blocking all content, you avoid the hassle of damaging the formatting of the rest of your work when editing text.
  3. To apply this effect we have to do it letter by letter, for this reason write the first letter of your text e minimize the text box.
  4. Now pressing the Alt key drag the text so that it is duplicated. Then write the second letter of the text you want to curve. Repeat this procedure until you are done with all the letters you want to make curves.
  5. Finally, if you are having trouble with design dimensions, remember that you can resize your design in Canva very easily.

Organize and place your curved or arched texts in Canva

  1. Once you have all the letters you will be using, it's time to organize them. This will be done manually.
  2. Drag the first letter of the text and place it where you want it, use the bottom control for flip the letter and position it according to the curve you want.
  3. This procedure must be done with each of these letters. While the process can be a bit cumbersome, this also allows you to organize them completely to your liking.
  4. By performing the above procedure, you will be able to curve the texts using the Canva program.

As with other shapes, this type of text will be ideal after creating or drawing ovals in Canva, as you'll be able to insert text into it, just like with the shapes we mentioned earlier, so knowing this feature is essential.

While the above process may seem complicated, as you get used to it, it will always become easier. Using this method, you can greatly improve the look of your designs in Canva, so we recommend applying it right away by following the steps we've outlined for you.

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