How to create and unlock fatality or brutality in Mortal Kombat 11 terminator

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There is a special kind of movement in the saga called Fatality, where you finish your opponent in the most way brutal and ruthless, brain-spreading the battlefield, Mortal Kombat 11 Terminator is no exception to the rule, showing us new and best Fatalities for characters.

Come sbloccare Fatality in Mortal Kombat 11 Terminator?

As soon as the game starts, we will have the option to use 25 different fatalities, distributed among the playable characters, each character has another hidden fatality, which must be unlocked by the player as he progresses in the story of the game.

In total the game has 50 victims, these are only used at the end of the fight, if you have been victorious, the way to unlock these special attacks is, through the Kripta, this is a main position in the game, where Through coins you have to open chests, in these you can touch unique items, Krypt coins or a Fatality.

Knowing how to move in this position will be essential in unlocking the other 25 special techniques hidden in the game. The specific locations are as follows, for Baraka you have to go to the Gardens and open the chest, with a chance to get the ability, for Cassie Cage you have to go to the Courtyard cave, you will find the Certrion chest in the courtyard.

The D'vorah Chest you get in Goro's Lair or Kytinn's Hive, Erron Black has his chest in the wooden bridge, going to the lower court, you will get the copper of the frost. In Goro's lair there is also a chance to get Geras, Kollector and Raiden's chest, further on in Goro's throne room you will find Kung Lao's.

Come fare le fatality in Kombat 11 Terminator?

Fatalities being the main course of saga in Mortal Kombat, we have to worry about learning how to do them well, in this case, as we already know, each character has two different special techniques, one of which is locked, but if we know the commands to follow we can do it even if we have not unlocked it in the Kripta.

The following checks, on Xbox One the front punch is done with the "X" key, the back punch with the "Y" key, the front kick with the "A" key and the back kick with "B". In the case of Play 4, the front punch is done with "Square", the back punch with "Triangle", the front kick with "X" and the back with "Circle".

They also exist 3 variants in terms of distance with the enemy, being that some fatalities are carried out by touching the rival and others at medium and long distance, this will depend precisely on the character we are using.

What are the fatalities per character?

Baraka, his first ability is made with "back, down, back and square or X", his other ability is made "back, forward, backward, X or A". Johnny Cage, 1) (close) "forward, backward, down, down, down and circle or B", 2) (close) "forward, down, forward, square or X".

Jade, 1) "down, down, forward, down, square or X", 2) (Close) "back, forward, down, forward, square or X". Jax Briggs, 1) (close) “forward, down, forward, X or A”, 2) (close) “back, forward, back, down, square or X.

Centrion, 1) (center) "back, down, forward, down, circle or B", 2) (center) "back, down, back, X or A". Cassie Cage, 1) (center) "down, down, forward, circle or B", 2) (center) "back, down, down, back, triangle or Y".

Kung Lao, 1) (close) "down, forward, backward, down, triangle or Y", 2) (close) "down, forward, down, X or A". Kabal, his first fatality is performed at medium range "back, forward, down, forward, X or A" and his second ability at close range, "down, down, down, circle or B".

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