How to create dyes, paints and all colors in ARK: Survival Evolved to spray paint dinosaurs

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The aforementioned video game it has exploded in popularity thanks to the news of the trailer of the Arkadia series of famous youtubers for the many tricks it has. Next we will teach you how to make dyes and paints of all colors in this popular video game.

How to make dyes in ARK: Survival Evoled?

The ARK: Survival Evoled game has many tricks available to fight one of them is the dye that is used to make the video game a world with much more color and also to customize objects, creatures or even structures, today it has 25 colors.

The dyes are created in an industrial pot and you have to use a jug of water, bottle, charcoal or gunpowder and finally phosphorus, thus putting all the ingredients in the industrial pot, turn on the pot to proceed with cooking, it is important to highlight as advice that if you are creating a dye with berries of different colors, do not place more than one wineskin or pitcher of water as it will result in the primary colors of the dye and not the specific color you want.

For example a base color is blue which is made with blue berries, water and charcoal, this one it doesn't need anything else. But to make a purple color blue should go with red berries.

In these materials it is always important and necessary to add these dyes, that is, to collect the berries to use them at the time of dyeing, each dye use a number of berries.

Using dye in ARK: Survival Evoled

In this video game there are a number of things that can be performed for this reason it allows us to find taps, creatures, dinosaurs and do the dye, but this has its use, it can be used to paint objects such as armor, mounts and even our weapons, to do this you just have to drag the dye onto the object you want to paint, then a menu will appear to be able to select the area you want to paint.

The advantage of this trick is that it does not require more effort to use these dyes, you go through the steps and use the resources. It is important to note that the war colors are not currently available on the Xbox version.

The quality of the video game improves more and more and with these tricks available it becomes more and more popular to know how to use it, for example, taking advantage of the day or night change in ARK, and obviously having the best map in ARK: Survival Evoled becomes much more interesting because it offers the opportunity to survive in a certain place in the aforementioned video game.

How to spray paint dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evoled?

To succeed in paint dinosaurs you have to hold the fire button and aim to paint as the dye will wear slowly as it is sprayed in that process you can see how much paint is left in the gray bar which is under the paint spray.

Similarly, if you run out of paint, you can refill by pressing the attack button and then refill the spray again and taking into account that this spray cannot be used while mounted on the animal, it is also restored in color when you change the tool you are using or just riding an animal. It cannot be used to paint yourself or creatures, let alone other existing players.

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