How to create GIFs with objects and shadows using Corel Photo Paint - Very easy

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Corel Photo Paint is a program developed by the Corel company, which is also responsible for creating various operating systems aimed at creating graphics. In the case of Corel Photo Paint, it allows the image processing from the so-called “Bit Maps”.

Corel's editing program allows for the creation of images with color equalization, font design, blur, black and gray, a variety of filters and color distortion. It is also compatible with other programs focused on the same theme, making it easy to edit an image previously applied in Photoshop or other programs.

The Corel Photo Paint edition works with a modification system that creates different layers of the image in layers to subsequently apply various effects without affecting or damaging the rest of the photograph or image. The person can also cut objects using the mask tool, enlarge the background, blur the background, apply gradients, provide sharpening, change the colors of the image, rotate objects as desired, add outlines to objects, or blur certain parts to highlight shapes. .

How to create GIFs with objects and shadows using Corel Photo Paint?

The image development and editing program has implemented in its latest versions the ability to design images with photographs and also include the movement or momentary appearance of the figures to make an animation, these types of files are known as " Gif ".

However, as the rise of GIFs has become popular in recent times, programs that allow you to create them are not very common. Corel has provided tools so that creating and editing these is quite easy, today we show you how create immediately a Gif or animate figure.

Steps to create Gifs with objects and shadows using Corel Photo Paint

  • Access to the Corel Photo Paint editing program.
  • Enter the panel and select the photo or image you want to apply as an animated figure in the image gallery.
  • Select the option "Lasso mask" in the drop-down panel. This tool is used to cut out shapes within the image.
  • Then apply the mask around the figure or shape you want to cut out, a simple example could be a face, head or hand.
  • Do click on the menu and select "Edit" and then "Copy".
  • There is a tool called (pyohibido), you can differentiate it, as it is found with a circular icon which has a red line in the center. Press this option for extract the image cropped.
  • Mark in the menu and select the option Order> Create> e select the document.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click the plus sign capacitor positive (+) lead and select the Copy current frame option.

  • Go to the menu > Modification > Paste > Paste as a new object. Then drag to the center. Later you will see some directional arrows around the figure.
  • We recommend turning the figure to the side to make it look a bit tilted. If you want to include the shadows, you can do this by selecting the menu and then the shadows, applying the effect, increasing or decreasing the degradation.
  • Next, enter the menu "Object" and then combine it with the objects in the background. Eliminate excess.
  • Once the figure for the gifs has been cut and drawn, enter the menu, select the option "Film"> play, do click on the movie split and apply the option “Stop film”.
  • Finally, you will have an image or figure with movement, if you are comfortable with its edition, enter the option "Save with name", put a name of reference and you will have your "Gif".

Corel Photo Paint as a favorite program

Corel's editing program is undoubtedly the editing system or platform more used by both users with experience in design problems and by others who are just approaching the subject. This because offers an infinite number of applicable tools which are quite useful and easy to use.

Il the result you get with Corel Photo Paint is a job done professionally, with crisp, soft detail and unique effects. The edition offers several applications that no other program has. For this reason it stands out from other similar systems on the market.

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