How to create, merge or have two Free Fire accounts on the same phone - Step by step

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Fuego Libre, called in Spanish, has millions of followers who want to try a game in lawless places, it comes to military operations in which there are shootings and the goal is to assassinate the enemy or the distracted.

Before performing these operations, 50 players who parachute fall, they must look for weapons to kill their enemies, these players must choose which position they want to be in and take all the necessary supplies to survive in war.

This Free Fire game has millions of downloads per day, which is why in 2019 it received the award as "Best Popular Rated Game". No wonder it has become a very popular game

Like everything, it has its pros and cons, for example there is a part that use the name of Allah (God). This was not liked by many, especially the government of Thailand, and for this reason they proceeded to sue the game, also sometimes there are problems downloading it 

Where was the Free Fire game created?

Free Fire was created in Singapore in December 2017, but it came to light in February 2018, in this game you must always be very vigilant, as, with the slightest negligence, you can be killed.

This game is so dangerous that the help center itself tells you you only have 10 minutes to survive. Free Fire is so played that in the last year more than 400 million people have downloaded it from the Google Play Store.

This game raised $ 19,3 million in monthly tickets for Garena, which is why it is a significant monetary win for this company.

For many and other reasons this game has become a part of many people's lives, has fantastic graphics, especially for medium and low description mobiles, and you can enjoy playing with your friends.

This game is so much fun that many of the participants would love to have two accounts on the same mobile, there are reasons why you have this dual application, one to annoy and the other to seriously play.

How to create two Free Fire accounts on the same mobile?

Step 1

We must have Garena Free Fire installed on our pc or Android, in an application that is easy to install, here we give you the simple instructions so that you can create both applications on your same phone.

Step 2

In your current Free Fire account, close the session, when you have closed it, create a new account, this new account must be created by Facebook, if it is your preference or log in as a guest.

3 pass

By doing so, this cut made will be saved and you will be able to continue playing as normal, leveling up. You will continue to play as if you have not created a new account, not even the other players will notice.

One great thing that happens is that, when you open as a guest, your account won't go through any changes and won't be deleted.

It is of great interest to tell you that there are also other methods to create or have two accounts in Free Fire, for example iPhone or Android they have a great operating system that allows you to log in via preferred or recommended accounts.

With these tips you will be able to have or create two accounts for Free Fire, so you can enjoy this popular game to the fullest.

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