How to create or create a barcode in Excel step by step

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You may think it is a difficult task to do, but no; I guarantee that barcodes can be created very quickly and easily. By simply applying a formula, you can automatically generate a barcode in Excel. And you can edit or change it at any time.

Remember that this spreadsheet allows you to perform very complex tasks such as pivot tables, calculate the mode, mean and median, insert images, etc. And you also thought before that they were impossible to do on a spreadsheet. For this reason we want to teach you now how to create or create barcode in excel step by step.

How to create or create a barcode in Excel

Before we begin, I want you to know that while it seems complex to do it, it is really very simple. And it's kind of like creating QR codes in Word, you just need to apply the steps we will explain below. The first thing you should know is that the barcodes we will use are a font. As well as the different letters such as: Arial, tahoma, etc.

These sources, which are forms of barcodes and represent a numeric or alphanumeric number not in Excel, for that reason we will download. For this we will use the following download address. Having it, they have to extract it as is in a compressed folder.

When you extract a file with this name the code 128.ttf appears, you have to copy it and then you have to go to My Computer, then to the drive where your operating system is located. When opening a series of folders, you need to look for the one named Windows. Make a double clip and then you will find the folder called Fonts.

We double in this folder and all the fonts that are on your computer will appear. What you will do next is paste the file you copied earlier and which contains the barcodes. It will be installed on your computer and you will have access to this font, not only when using Excel, but also with Word, Power Point and notepad.

Application of barcodes

Next, go to Excel and open a new spreadsheet, being in your spreadsheet you can write in a cell any series of numbers of three, four, six, digits, whatever you want. Then go to Sources and you will look for the code 128. When you find it, press the Enter key on your keyboard and your numeric digit will automatically turn into a barcode.

If you want to do it with a series of numbers, you just have to enter in one column Numbers and in another column Barcode, in the number column you will write a series of 10 numbers containing 6 digits. You are about to copy these numbers, placing the mouse pointer in the upper cell and without releasing the drag on the last cell which contains numeric digits.

When all cells that contain numeric digits are shaded, copies and pastes them into the column of barcode. That is, there will be a figure with its copy next to it, so you select the entire column of the barcode and when they are shaded, you will go to Sources and look for the code 128, press Enter and all digits will pass to the barcode .

And as you can see, you learned very easily how to create barcode in excel step by step. Without complications and adding a folder of fonts that you can use with any other application on your personal computer.

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