How to Create or Create a Forum in WordPress - Complete Guide

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Today, forums have become an essential pillar since the creation of the Internet. Through them we can share our knowledge, experience, skills, feelings and in the vast majority of cases ask for help. For this reason we want to teach quickly but comprehensively how to create or build a forum in WordPress, so let's get started.

How to create or create a forum in WordPress

To get started, what we need to do first is add a new function. To do this we go to WordPress and on the left side of our screen and select the tab Plugin. We will be shown a screen, we will add the plugins then we will go to search and place a forum, remember that we have to write the words in English.

There are many plugins for forums, but we must take into account that we will take the one that has many installations, a good compatible classification and its version. In our case we will choose the plugins Asgaros Forum, click su install now and activate it.

On the left side of our screen we will generate a menu with different options to configure our plugins.

We look for the tab described with the name of the forum and insert the options, we are shown a screen with different options that will help us to make a good structure. You must remember that the options will be written in English, a window with different options will appear in the forum location.

First we need to create a page with the forum name, which you will find in the page section, then all pages. We continue in the option screens and in the drop down window we will choose forum, in the instruction it says page that contains the [Forum] -shortcode, we only copy the part that says forum including the brackets.

Once this is done, let's go to the forum page created, the we open and paste what we copied earlier at the top where we can write. So let's make a clip on the refresh button, go to the left side where the menu is, make a clip in appearance and then into the menu.

In the window that appears on the page, let's create a clip on the View All tab and select the forum option and then create a clip on add to menu. Then, in the menu structure window, we take the forum card and put it so that it is between the contact card and the gallery card, and hit the save menu.

After doing all these steps, we will go to the top of our blog. We select the forum board  and let's see what this new page looks like. We re-enter the options and select the ones we want to appear on the forum page, such as the search option, appearance, registration, replies by pages, etc.

In the general settings there are many options that are already selected by default, but remember that you can change them to your liking. Also remember that you must have command of the English language because everything is in that language. After making all the changes, click Save options.

How to change the structure

We are done with the options, now let's go to the structure tab, create a clip and a new window is shown. Let's select one new category and for this we select Add category, here we must enter the name, the accesses, the order, the groups we want to connect and create a clip in Save.

In each category that you have created, you can now add a forum, for this select under the name of your category Add forum. There you will enter the name, a short description, a default icon will appear but you can change it.

Don't select closed so it's open and then click Save so your changes are saved and ready. But if you make a mistake or want to change something, it gives you the ability to change.

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