How to Create or Create a Professional Organization Chart in Word - Step by Step

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Thanks to technological innovation, we have the possibility to use IT tools to help us in our organization. With that in mind, we will teach you how to create or create a professional organization chart in Word, quickly and easily.

Of course, this tutorial won't make you an expert in using Word. To accomplish such a feat, you need to practice a lot, read other guides and think for yourself.

Training in the other programs of the Microsoft Office suite would also be the ideal for achieving your goal to be more organized. You can, for example, make professional schemes, Gantt charts and many other easy but equally useful things.

The requirements to follow this guide are: basic Microsoft Word management and some of its tools; and have Word downloaded and installed on our computer, to be able to work while watching the tutorial.

Note that Word is a paid program. Is this software worth buying? Yes sure. By purchasing this word processor, you will be investing in your future and your education. Someday, it will result in a great position in your company.

What is an organization chart?

The organization charts are graphic representations that allow you to show, in a simple and fast way, the structure and hierarchy of a company or an institution.

Any formal workplace usually has an organization chart. With it, every employee can know who to contact and who to talk to if they have a question or problem. Also, organizational charts are not something fixed, motivate you to climb and to occupy higher hierarchical positions.

Characteristics of an organization chart

  • Show the relationships between all levels of the hierarchy of a company.
  • It must be quick to visualize and understand. It consists only of essential information.
  • It is informative.
  • It cannot be too ostentatious in design, which makes it difficult to read.
  • It is usually willing descending, starting with the organ being described.
  • Although there is a usual form, there are many different types of organization charts.

How to make or create a professional organization chart in Word?

create an organization chart, you will need to log into your word processor and follow the steps below.

Following your knowledge of how to create an outline in Word, you will insert rectangular shapes in the document. To each you will assign the name of the different bodies of the company or institution.

Furthermore, you will differentiate their hierarchical level with the size and color of the rectangles. You can insert, at the end of the document, some color references in such a way that are easily understood for anyone.

You will organize the tables in the form of a descending schema. And you will indicate their relationships by arrows or lines, which are also present in the menu Insert -> Shapes.

Now, this not the most professional way To create organizational charts with Word, the truth is that there is another more popular method, because it is fast and convenient.

Professional way to create an organization chart in Word

For this, you will use the SmartArt tool. You can find it in the context menu Inserisci. Clicking on this option will bring up a window offering different types of graphs.

Since you are creating an organization chart, you will choose the category Hierarchy and various predefined types of hierarchical schema will be displayed. You will choose the one you like best and that fits your company structure. The standard model is with rectangles.

When you press OK, an organization chart will be automatically generated. The only thing left is to place the texts you want in each box.

On the left of the screen a window will appear with the texts you have entered in the organization chart. If you want to add more boxes, click on the category you want to expand and press the Enter key.

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