How to create or create a synoptic table in Word step by step

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Normally, in Word we won't find the option for directly create a synoptic table, but we can draw the keys until we have completed the desired drawing. You can also create synoptic charts in PowerPoint if working in Word isn't easy for you.

How to create or create a synoptic table in Word and that suits me?

Before starting, we must establish a logical structure that goes according to the order of events in the topic to be treated. It is essential that you know how to summarize and analyze well the text that you will position in order to divide the space on the sheet and be able to organize it well.

  1. The first thing to do is go to the top of Word and click on '' Inserisci "
  2. Being there you will be able to observe a number of options, but it will only work for you in this case ' ‘Figure " The ' ' Form "
  3. You should look for the curly brackets that appear in the box and you are going to place them as the text needs to be extended or reduced.
  4. You can place them all and then add content or do it as they are placed. If you are copying information from a web page or other document, it is important that you know how to warp that text to maintain the aesthetics of the work.

If you know how to organize it it can be very simple since you just have to match the text size and place the keys and you will be able to get a very well done synoptic table thanks to Word.

Word gives us the freedom to use all instruments to our advantage and therefore change them at any time. When done, you may want to convert that document to a JPG or PNG image for easier viewing in a presentation or on your social networks.

Do you know how to organize a synoptic table?

For your table to be well organized, the text must be divided hierarchically, this means that according to the importance of the content, it must go from the most relevant to the least important. We normally insert keywords only or important texts which lead us to deepen the subject, but in a synthetic way.

Remember it has to start with a title on the left hand side and from there start breaking down with complementary ideas and small concepts. TO we want you to be able to create a good, consistent transition so that the recipient can capture the information you provide.

What does a summary table include?

As well as so many other things, the synoptic tables have their parts on which we must know how to work to make them feel good, but what would they be?

There are superordinate ones which consist of important elements which include others of lesser importance, usually serve to highlight secondary things. The coordinates have the same order and are classified in the same order, since they all have the same importance and no other keys with more data come out of them.

The subordinates chase the superiors and from there the information continues to spread much more, but in a complete and precise way to be understood.

THE correct order of the synoptic table it should be top to bottom or left to right. Not necessarily all must be composed of keys, but other digits can also be used, but not in the traditional method. If you don't think you can do it using this medium, you can google some online generators to make your job easier.

What is a synoptic table normally used for?

This is considered a type of educational tool which helps the student to understand the information much better. In some works it is also used to simplify an issue and be able to be specific with it. Another very useful tool is concept maps, which you can also do in Word.

Synoptic tables can be of great help to you if you know how to do them correctly, otherwise your information will not be output correctly so the expected goal will not have good results.

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