How to create or customize my Xbox One avatar using your new editor

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Humans have the habit of entertaining or recreating to carry out activities other than those we have planned in our daily life. In general, when it comes to entertainment, it means deviating from what we have planned to do something different and fight stress.

It is very important that you take the time to have fun because in this way you will enjoy good health and life. Many enjoy watching movies from home or at the cinema, playing a sport, going at the theater or playing a video game.

A video is a game that is played with an electronic device in which one or more people participate through the manipulation of manual controls that is broadcast in an audiovisual way in which the players interact with each other. Video games can be divided into genres. Platform game videos show you how player different worlds or challenges that you have to face to advance to the end of the game.

Adventure games offer you challenges, history, mysteries, explorations, with narratives that make these games one of the most favorite. You have sports-based games that represent the action and excitement felt by players and fans during matches.

Another of the games that you can enjoy are the role-playing games in which is shown il role of each character in the game and the many changes and experiences that unfold as you progress through the game.

Videos have evolved over the years from computer gaming to the existence of consoles. It started in the 50s with the appearance of the game with the name OXO created by the company Electronics Delay Storage Automatic Calculator.

in 1972 the first console Magnavox Odyssey appeared with simple games, they used patterns on the TV to give the game a real feel. Then comes the Atari 2600 which revolutionized the world of video games with graphics and colors. Then between the years 1983-1985 he presented himself to Nintendo and Master System with the presentation of the Super Mario games, Doublé Dragon.

Continuously, the Sega Company launched the Mega Drive with many more colors like the Super Nintendo, giving birth to 3D games. Subsequently they are iniziate PlayStation, GameCube, Xbox, PS2, Wii, who have evolved the world with virtual games and with real characters called Avatars. They are so modern that you can even keep your game history or delete them if you wish.

What is an Xbox avatar?

Xbox was created by Microsoft company the whose goal is to offer you video games on a console created by themselves in 2001. You can play on a console, connected to the Internet or in streaming.

Among the best known there are Xbox360 and Xbox One, the which means all in one. You can even find a full list of Xbox games online or even delete your browsing history. A feature of Xbox is the representation of the Avatar which usually represents the user in the game world.

An Avatar is usually characterized by a figure, icon, drawing or gif animation, with different shapes. Other functions are also possible such as transferring matches from one team to another.

How to create or customize avatar using the new editor on Xbox One?

create your avatar and also customize it on your Xbox One using a new editor, we will show you a series of steps below so that you can easily perform them.

  1. On your Xbox device, find the Xbox card to access the guide Xbox and click to open it.
  2. When you open the list, look for option I. my games and applications, then go to Show All option and select.
  3. Now go to the option Applications and choose Editor avatar Xbox to create your avatar in the game.
  4. Look at the Avatar options that are represented on Xbox, decide which one you like and start customizing it.
  5. If what you want is to change the Avatar you created earlier, proceed with the previous steps with the difference that you have to enter Settings and culminate in the Continue option.
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