How to create or do a crossword puzzle in Word in minutes

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As you already know, Word's versatility is impressive, since we can work not only with texts, but also with images and even graphics. We can make projects such as magazine covers, brochures, brochures, grid sheets, photomontages, insert background images, etc.

In this opportunity we will teach you step by step and explain to you well how to create or do a crossword puzzle in Word in minutes.

How to create or do a crossword puzzle in Word

To start we need to open the editor in Word, select an empty document and at this point we need to have a clear idea of ​​the design of our crossword puzzle. Then we select Size and make the necessary changes such as paper size, margins and paper orientation, then click accept.

Having all this ready, we put on our sheet the title of the crossword, if it will be flowers, cities, general aspects, in short, what you want. So let's go on Inserisci   and select the number of rows and columns. It is recommended not to use a preset amount and to hook the insert table.

Another window will be shown, where we can place the desired values ​​for the table. Here we place the values ​​that we consider useful for us.

We can keep the width area of column fixed automatically or place it on the value that allows us to write a letter when the crossword is ready and then press accept. The more boxes you add, the more the degree of difficulty increases.

At this point we already have our grid and we will just have to adapt it to the desired width and length. For this we go to the upper left part of the table and press the symbol that appears, the whole table will be shaded and now we can change its width and height.

We can also go to the top menu, make a clip in presentation and we can change the values ​​of each box.

Once you have made all the adjustments to the grid, now we proceed to place the letters in each box and so on il crossword puzzle sta taking shape. In this part we must use our reasoning to position the letters that make up our words and intersect in the middle, at the end, at the beginning. They can match multiple words.

After having written all the letters we can center them and enlarge them in each box, we do it, selecting the entire table then go to Start and center. So let's go on Paragraph   and in Spacing the Front and Back options must be 0 pt. The leading in Single, then press OK.

Let's go now to select the whole table and go to the font size and start zooming until we reach the desired size. And if you did it right, all the letters should be centered and at an ideal size. Now the crossword has the desired look, remember that we have to make a copy of our crossword puzzle to get the answers.

Final step to create a crossword puzzle in Word

In this step we will select the table and click on the option for erase all edges, only the letters will remain, so we select each word and select all the edges. As you will see, only in the indicated word did the images appear. So let's do it with each word and now let's go copy this sheet.

To copy we select the table we copy then press Ctrl + fine in so that another page is added to us and we paste on this sheet. Now in this copy we delete the letters and that of each empty box and go to put the numbers. We place it in the boxes where each word begins, select the number and reduce them using the size of the number.

To finish doing a crossword puzzle in Word in the corner of the page, we write each number with the description or concept of the word and so we have finished our crossword made with Word.

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