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What is a crew for?

If you want to effectively answer the initial question of  How to create or join a crew in GTA 5? , you have to take into consideration what they work for, because otherwise you may be activating a feature that you don't like at all.

Well, basically the crews, they are like the groups and gangs that form internally on a GTA 5 online server. So their role is more or less the same as that of these armed groups in real life.

Having a crew, you can fight against other groups and kill each other for domination of an area (you can also compete in GTA 5 against a specific group), it will also allow you to customize the cars and outfits with that organization's symbol, making the game very more personal.


You can also change your clothes with the color of the group you have created (pants and shirt) and participate in events with them, such as races, battles, among others. Likewise, you will be allowed to communicate with your colleagues privately, in order to carry out all kinds of missions and raids in a coordinated way (you can dial phone numbers in GTA)

From what you read you have to believe you have an organization how this only brings advantages, and the truth is that yes, it has no disadvantages beyond the rivalry that can be created with other players and gangs outside your own (always remember to keep a good behavior on a server).

How to create or join a crew in GTA 5?

Now that you know all of the above, you can finally answer the question How to create or join a crew in GTA 5 ?, For this you must first go to the Rocstar Gaming Social Club page, as that is where you have to join, register and log in.

After doing that, you should look for the tab that appears at the top called “ Curve ”And click on it. When you do that, a new section will appear where you can select different options, choose the one called "Search crew", which will take you to a browser where you can choose your group.

Once you have seen what you like, you have to click on the " Join “, Which appears next to the name and logo of the crew, can be free (you will join directly), or you may have to send an invitation and wait for a response.


In case you want to create your own crew, you have to click on the button "Create crew" in the previous section, there you can choose what you want and set up a personal group. You will be allowed to insert a logo, set rules, invite other people to participate, among others.

And voila, with that you already know enough to be able to join or create organizations in GTA, hence the question How to create or join a crew in GTA 5? , was fully answered.

Now that you have this information, go to the page and get started configure everything as you want, so that you can become the king of the video game and your group dominates all roads without exception. Finally, if you want a higher level of interaction, you can download and install GTA 5 roleplay, as the bands work much better there.

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