How to create or make a 3D effect in PowerPoint 2020 quickly and easily

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The technology was improving until they were launched in 1915 the first representations of effects 3D in United States And today we can make a 3D effect in Power Point 2020.

But they weren't very successful at the time, and it was around 1980 that the company called IMAX began showing movies in theaters designed for this purpose. It's liked it so much globally that the technology has gotten better and better.

What is 3D and how does it work?

In real time, our brain has the ability to reward the difference it perceives for each eye; that is, each captures different images and integrates them both on a three-dimensional level; therefore, figures or objects can be displayed with three dimensions such as height, width and depth; This is called stereopsis or stereoscopic vision, which is normal in our visual perception.

This phenomenon is now used digitally, imitating what the eye perceives, that is binocular vision; never computers have only the dimensions of height and width; then it is necessary to resort to certain techniques to obtain the 3D effect; for example in the cinema, the projector mimics what both eyes have to integrate with 144 images per second interlaced.

Is it possible to get the 3D effect in PowerPoint 2020?

The Power Point digital program can only generate 3D effect printing and not the 3D elements themselves, as this is more complicated; To achieve this effect on our slides, the missing dimension, depth has been added; make your presentations more attractive. In PowerPoint, you can also do many other things that you can combine with the 3D effect, such as timelines, these are valuable assets that you can put together to bring your presentations to life.

Usually at the computer level, these 3D effects they are often performed in text, on a figure, table or statistical graphs; even in SmartArt and on an image, only the outline is changed in the latter and not the image itself.

How to create a 3D effect in PowerPoint 2020?

  • For a text: click Format, then in Shape Style choose the letter that will give it the effect, to get a chamfer that we will work with ; now Shape Format, Shape Options, Effects; you work with Giro 3D and then with 3D Format, making all the necessary changes.
  • Shape: click on Insert, then on Shapes, choosing the one we want; We go to Format, Shape Effects and then the window opens Format shapes and effects , being very useful both the 3D format to modify the frames, the depth and the 3D rotation, and in the X, Y axis, among others.

  • Statistical Table or Graph: Let's start in Insert, Stat Plots, 3D Grouped Column, Format, then open the window Graph area format and here we will work with 3D Format for the frames and with 3D Rotation, modifying the axes and perspective, customizing the table more and more.
  • SmartArt: You start with Insert, SmartArt , for example, you choose Hierarchy , then Design, Polishing or Scene Lock, then Format and finally in the Format Shape window we use both 3D Format and 3D Rotation.
  • Image: as mentioned above what will change is the outline ; Let's start with Insert, Image, choose the same, then Format, Image Effect and 3D Rotation; also from Format, Image Format, Effect, 3D Rotation and finally 3D Format, modifying any of the elements to give the effect of 3D.

Final tips for improving presentations

Here we explain how to create 3D in a chart, but we can also show you how to put data into these charts and make them great and with an example.

Finally, we saw the importance of using this type of 3D effect in PowerPoint 2020, as it improves and gives more appeal to any type of presentation , being able to be applied to images, text, graphics. If you have come this far, it is because you care a lot about doing quality work, for which we are sure you will be interested in knowing which models are the best and see which one you can combine with the 3D effect.

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