How to create or make a photo montage in Word - Quick and easy

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This time we will learn how to create or make a photo montage in Word, the easy way e fast and without the use of specialized programs such as Photoshop.

Photomontage is a technique that can be used to carry out any project that we have to carry out thanks to the almost infinite number of images that we can find. With the rise of Instagram or other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, the gallery of images we have at our disposal is very varied and extensive.

But, don't think about that to do Photomontages, you have to be an expert in computer or photography, you just have to stay with us and I assure you that you will become an expert. Word has the particularity of presenting functions or tools that can help you start this project and without the need to use other programs.

How to create or make a photo montage in Word

Next we will show you in a few steps how easy it is to make a photo montage in Word without having to be an eminence. The first step will be to log into the program Word and select a blank document. We enter Format, select the orientation of the sheet horizontally, and if we wish we can modify the parameters of the margin.

Then we go to the Insert Image tab to select an image that we have previously in our image library. We select the image, which for the example will be a landscape of a beach, click on accept and we have already selected the image with horizontal orientation.

Now we are going to insert another image that overlaps the image, which we have previously selected, remember that you can edit them. To do this, let's go back up Inserisci and we select another image in this case it will be a girl in a bathing suit to continue with the example.

The new image has been inserted into another sheet, now we have two sheets, one with the image of the beach and the other with the image of the girl.

Now we need to make sure that both photos are on the same sheet, this is achieved by selecting the photo of the beach image. So let's go on Format, then on Adjust text and finally we select behind the text.

Then we select the image of the girl and do the same as the previous image, only with this we will select the option in front of the text.

How to configure your photomontages

At this point we have the images superimposed on top of each other and every time we select an image we can move it to our liking. So we're almost done with create a photomontage in Word. The next step will be to adjust the size of the girl image so that it is within the edges of the beach image.

Now we need to cut the edges of the girl's image, so that only her silhouette remains and we can overlay it on top of the other image without any problems. To do this we select the image, go to Format in Image Tools and let's make a clip on remove background.

The image will change background color and boxes will appear that will help us close the image and cut out the areas closest to the girl.

We can zoom in by pressing the Ctrl key and using the middle part of the mouse, to take a closer look at the areas that have not been deleted. To clear those areas that give a color that does not belong to the girl, press the tab Mark the areas to be removed and select with the pointer.

This part of the work will be the most important because it will result in a well-cropped image. Then we select Keep changes

To give it a more realistic touch let's go to Format, then to Image Effect and select Shadow, this will give it an effect of realism. As you can see, now you can make your own photomontages with Word without problems.

These effects are as impressive as easily creating a transparent image in Word.

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