How to create or make professionally designed and creative PowerPoint slides

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An important factor in its use is not just the fact of inserting images or effects. What you are looking for are information concise and short to help develop the presentation. Self it's known the correct way to structure this instrument, the contents and information will be delivered to viewers in the correct way. It is also ideal for making brochures and triptychs.

This tool is easily found within the Microsoft software toolkit and, when used correctly, the results are positive.

In this post we will show you how to leverage your presentations Power Point, without losing the north of your presentation.

What structure should the presentation have

  • Preparation

The first thing you should do is take care of each of the details surrounding your presentation. It is important that before you start capturing the information, outline and summarize the information you are going to put there. That way we can be selective with information and no space will be empty.

It is important to clarify that type of information you want to convey, thinking about the public who will be present and measuring the level of knowledge of the public. Remember that the information contained therein is from and to your audience.

  • Structure

The main thing in all presentations is to start from the basic idea. That is, it starts from basi, until you reach the end of your presentation. Once the structure is defined, you need to start developing yours information in a sensible and consistent way.

  • Strategia

Having raised the way our project will be presented, we must give it force with our oral presentation. Trying to have a good diction and command of the chosen topic.

How to make a PowerPoint presentation

Since you have all the key points for making your presentation, it is important now to do the presentation on that one platform. Thanks to Power Point, you will be able to add several examples, as well as information, which will help you complete the information and thus maintain the caution of spectators and listeners.

  • Try to take care of the design of your presentation

It is important that your presentation has clean lines and neutral colors, with which the viewer does not feel dizzy or tired quickly. This helps ensure that the readability of the document don't get lost and you can keep everyone attentive to information.

It is important that the typography you use is simple, in addition to avoiding that the images placed there are pre-drawn or, failing that, of poor quality. And you can also add a watermark to your presentation to make it a little more professional.

  • Remember that less is more

Try to be able to synthesize within your speech, as being shorter you will be able to integrate your images with the verbal information you will provide. If you are short, your message will be much more successful, as you will provide direct and comprehensive information.

  • That your information is always aligned

Visually it is important that all elements are aligned, then the presented elements will be seen as a harmonious whole with understandable information.

  • You always have eye contact

Any good PowerPoint presentation is not only based on the pictures and diagrams presented to you, but also on how the interlocutor focuses the caution of the audience on his presentation. If you are afraid of public speaking, we recommend that you practice with the mirror or with people days in advance trust me.

To make you understand and master the art of eye contact with the public. Remember that the key in everything is that you always look at your audience, but never the floor or screen.

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