How to Create Pages and Sections on My WordPress Website - Simple Steps

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WordPress is one of the most popular solutions for creating and managing websites, without the need for computer skills, both for programming and for layout using a language called Html

With this tool you can create a website with different contents, because you can give free rein to your imagination and create whatever comes to mind (this site also allows you to add or insert spaces between the lines). Let's see how to create pages and sections.

How to create pages with WordPress in a few steps

WordPress pages refer to static elements which are usually created in such a way as to have, for example, changes to future contact pages, thanks, legal notices, forms, cookie policy, information, etc.

You can create a landing page or landing page with WordPress without the need to use cumbersome codes, graphically designing your page to accommodate as many sections as you like.

Creating a page in WordPress is an extremely simple process and does not require previous steps such as creating categories or tags.

To do this, enter Pages from the menu you have on your left (which once you enter wordpress). Then click Add New to add a new entry.

Fill in the required fields, such as title and body of the text. When you are done, you can click Save only so that it is recorded as a draft in all the items in the Pages section or click Publish to share your page on your site.

Now you need to link the page you created to a Menu following the sequence: Appearance> Menu. You don't need to have published your page to link them.

Menus are essential in your website, as they will allow users to navigate more conveniently by following a structure hierarchical and specific.

They are extremely necessary for you to guide users to the content. To create a menu, access the section from the options you have on your left.

Create the menu structure, adapting the hierarchies. The main ones should go up and as you go down the list, add the less important menus or submenus.

How to create sections or categories on my website with WordPress quickly and easily

In this section we will tell you how to create sections or categories on my website with WordPress quickly and easily. Sections are a tool used to separate by subject all the articles you publish within it.

It will depend on the theme or content you want to create. You can create as many sections as you want. Well, not all the information a web page contains will be the same, then it is important that you can separate into different categories.

So, for example, if you want to create a beauty page, you can separate the different content while posting articles related to face and body care, makeup, hand beauty, foot beauty and all the themes that come to you. mind and that you want to cover ...

Remember that everything happens very fast on the internet, so if a person doesn't find what they are looking for in 4 or 5 seconds, they are very likely to leave your website in search of a quick and practical solution.

create a section in WordPress, access the Voices section from the menu on the left. Then click Categories.

There you have to complete the fields: name, slug, name of the parent category if it has one and one Description. Finally, click Add New Category.

That way, you already know how to create pages and sections on my WordPress site in simple steps. However, remember that learning how to use this website is completely time-consuming, so it wouldn't hurt you to search for information like: What are the best page layout plugins ?, so that you can integrate all of this information.

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