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A few days ago we explained what Among Us is and where to download it because it is the game that is trendy and has everything you need to have fun in front of your mobile screen. However, the real fun of this indie title developed by Innersloth can be found by playing in a group. For this same reason, today we will tell you how to create private games in Among Us and play with your friends. It's a lot easier than you probably think!

Among Us is a casual game in which they participate 4 to 10 people, there are two impostors and their duty is to murder the rest without anyone knowing. Players who are not assassins have to do missions and try to find them. Each game ends when the killer is discovered, when crew members complete their missions, or when the killer kills them all. Although it is a simple-to-operate game, it is perfect for group play.

Then you can make a private Among Us game to play with your friends

How to make a game in Among Us

If you don't have the game installed, the first thing you should do is download it to your mobile or PC. In the links below you can get it immediately. eye! It should be noted that the game is free for mobile phones, but if you want to play it on your PC you will have to buy it on Steam (3,99 euros) or from its official website (you pay what you want but the minimum is 5 euros). If you want to start playing, download the game once and for all:

  • Once you have downloaded the game, apri Among Us on your smartphone or computer
  • After opening Among Us, tap or click where it says "Online" to access the online multiplayer options offered by this game.

Among us online options

  • When you are there you will see several options, press the first one "Create game" to create a game.
  • After pressing «Create game» you will enter the room configuration, there you will specify the number of assassins, the map, the chat language and the maximum number of players. Press confirm when you have defined all these aspects of your room.

It's done! It is so easy to create a private game. These rooms are private by default, but can also make them public by tapping the "Private" button down. Also, if you go to the laptop in the waiting room and press the "Use" button, you can change your color, your hat, your pet, your appearance and some game features such as voting time, speed of votes. players, vision and more.

Do you want your friends to join the game? Therefore send them the four letter code found in the center of the screen. To enter, they will just have to go to "Online", then enter the code in the last option below which says "Enter code". As you may have noticed, creating a private game to play Among Us with your friends is a breeze.

Room Between Us

Remember that experience with this game is better if you use Discord or a calling app that keeps you in touch with your friends. However, this is not essential for having fun in Among US. Furthermore, we also recommend that you look at this article with the best mobiles to play between us.

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