How to create reminders and meet goals on a Samsung mobile

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Samsung had a start to the year packed with announcements and launches like the series Galaxy S20, Samsung galaxy z flip or, recently, the new Galaxy tab s6 lite, cheaper edition of the reference tablet of the South Korean brand. The Asian manufacturer also offers a number of tricks to get more out of its devices, and this time it has offered one for its phones with which create reminders and achieve goals.

In a situation where millions of people find themselves unable to leave their homes due to the coronavirus (Covid-19), balancing daily work, exercise and housework is one of the biggest challenges they face. Therefore, from its press page, Samsung reveals a great way to adapt to the new work environment: set a series of reminders to don't forget to keep up with the most important activities. And for this they have a little trick for mobile phones, which serves to achieve the objectives.

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With the Samsung Reminders app, the user can receive a variety of alerts based on the time of day or their location to make it easier control of the daily routine. For example, exercise is one of the most important parts of a healthy routine and many people take advantage of confinement for do all kinds of exercise in their homes, from yoga to exercise bikes.

The Samsung Reminders app makes it easier for you to achieve your goals

With the South Korean company's mobile application, location-based reminders can be set for activate at certain times of the day in so that you can remind the user to train at home in the evening. You can also set daily reminders for those simple tasks that are often forgotten, like opening windows for get fresh air to ventilate the house.

Furthermore, several studies have shown that the amount of fresh air that enters a room is directly related to physical healthas well as being good for mental health. Likewise, good ventilation has been shown reduces the spread of infectious diseases and improves decision making and cognitive function. But that's not all, since you can also create a series of reminders to form new habits, such as washing your hands when you get home.

Similarly, it should be remembered that Samsung continues to work on its new devices, which will also have this trick, like the Galaxy Note 20. A device that would arrive in the second half of the year and that, according to a past leak, would be enough similar to the S20 series, at least in terms of design, save for two details: the next generation Galaxy Note series smartphone would feature squared corners and S-Pen holder. Mind you, the hardware specifications of the company's future flagship "Will not change significantly compared to the S20 series", the cameras will also be the same.

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