How to Create Statistical Graphs in Word - Complete Guide

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Generally they suggest us to do it from an Excel, especially if you will be taking data from multiple sheets, or if you need to make a dual axis chart, since the process and design could be "easier", but if you have to copy and paste the chart in Word it may be distorted and some data will not be displayed.

How to create statistical graphs in Word?

Since Word is used by 85% of the population, it is ideal that you know basic procedures such as creating a chart, a diagram, a table or some simple advertising image, as there are even tricks for inserting and editing images in Word.

  1. The first thing you should know is that, in order to make a chart, you must have an open document as a basis, in which you will place the chart.
  2. Once this is done you will have to go to the top bar and click on ' 'Insert ”To find the scheme of 3 columns where it is written at the bottom '' Graphic".

  1. By clicking on it, different design options will appear from circular, triangular, by area and many more. You select it and wait for it to load.
  2. Once it's on your document, you just have to modify the data you want, as well as the title, percentages, amounts and more.
  3. There you can see how the data was loaded and there change the typeface, numbers, font. After that, all that remains is to change the parameters to be satisfied with the result that will be reflected in the design.
  4. Next to yours graphics  previous you will see some small buttons (Circular or square) where you can adjust the size and a predetermined color, besides that, place new text boxes or figures.
  5. If you're happy with what you've done and don't want to make any more changes, simply close the spreadsheet and continue with your document.

Do graphics in Word is quite simple, it just takes a little patience and is the recommended method to avoid having to change your projects over and over again. If you want the graphics to come out immediately, press ALT + F1, and if you are not satisfied with the design you can press 2 times and edit it.

How do I add a trend line?

To add this you must first:

  • Select a layout  graphic
  • Press where it says "Add traffic elements"
  • Select the "Trend" option
  • Find the line type as: linear, exponential, moving average or linear extrapolar.

What is the purpose of creating statistics graphs?

  • By creating your chart you have to offer the audience a good one display of specific data or approximate expressed mainly in numbers.
  • Be explanatory and clarify your advantages or disadvantages.
  • Specify if it is in dollars, amounts, percentages or other.
  • Try making an introduction and a conclusion for clarify the precise data.
  • You have to be precise in your colors and use a few or only one, as well as avoid things that are off-topic.

What types of graphics can I make?

There are several types of design to make your presentations, it is only necessary that you know how to choose a template so that all the data is reflected there. Normally they can be columns grouped by varying their size or which have 2 columns of values, there are also those stacked with which numbers are usually compared.

There are  bar charts which are classified just like the columns. With drawings of this style you could insert a histogram in Word. The circulars are normally divided like a cake and those of the areas are very little used but necessary to establish timetables and variations.

In the case of linear and dispersion they are more difficult to understand. Finally there are the bubbles, the combined designs and the spiders. Select the design that best suits your needs and keep in mind that sometimes, to show these graphics to others, it would be more convenient to create the graphics directly in Power Point.

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