How to create the double exposure effect using Corel Photo Paint

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The world of design had a great development over the years, and is that since its inception it has always been something complex, a task that not everyone can perform. And that's why the companies that create programs have kept this in mind in their goals.

That's why, if we go into the Google search engine and write “Programs to do design work”, we won't be talking about 4 or 5 programs in total. We could make a list of more than 50 results with this topic.

And although there may be a large number of programs, developed in different countries, not all of the ones we see are going to be good. Therefore, some designers have bothered to conduct a study to see which ones they are best with Corel Photo Paint che appreciate each other.

What tools must a program have in order for a designer to classify it as good?

In order for a designer to do a thorough and well-done job, he has need a large number of tools, which will allow him to change the color of the image, add outlines to objects, correct the blurred appearance of a photograph, put custom effects on text and background., which we could categorize in relation to a specific point. For example, tools that allow you to change the texture of the image.

There are color-oriented tools, where you can play with intensity, opacity, contrast and more. There are also special effects, where shadows are managed, the insertion of the reflection of the lights, and among many others.

Therefore, it is very important that programs have more and more tools for their users. Since the possibility that each designer uses the same tools is very low, that is, each designer has his method and his taste very different from the others.

A cosa serve Corel Photo Paint?

Corel Photo Paint is a program from Corel, known for its products Corel Draw, which are incredibly versatile and efficient in terms of design. Which can be considered as competition from programs like Adobe Photoshop, in relation to their sales on the market.

It is a very useful program, as it uses a raster graphic editing system, normally used by editors specialized in images or photos and real recordings, in order to optimize the details, thus improving the quality of the visualization.

What are raster graphics?

Raster graphics are files that use a pixel matrix system, in which each pixel is individually defined, the end result is the merging of all the pixels into a complex image.

In simpler terms, we could say that these graphics use a method very similar to the process of creating the figures with Legos, since separately each block does not represent anything, but together they can result in a work of art.

There are methods to know if an image is rasterized, among the most common is to enlarge the image, since when we want to make an increase of about 200% of the image, we will observe that it loses quality, which is a known defect as "Pixelated image"

How to create the double exposure effect using Corel Photo Paint?

To create the double exposure effect it is necessary that we have two images inserted in our main screen, as the dark areas of the first image will react to the second image, it is important that two different images, a portrait and a background are useful for this technique.

So it is important that the first image has a white background, so that the effect is much better. After preparing the white background, we just have to open the options bar you find in the object manager and select Add, with this the program will automatically perform the effect.

The double exposure effect is a very interesting effect, many users use it for the incredible look it can give to one photography or to a ritratto. It can also be enjoyed in commercials or music videos, and therefore is an effect that no designer should do without.

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