How to create the folded or folded in half text effect using Corel Photo Paint

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The Corel company has launched the version of Photo Paint to offer all photographers and publishers the ability to expand their tools, including creating text from scratch by inserting a crease or crease effect in the center.

This is a very useful method if you want to give the textual content of an image a different perception or break with the routine of the typical.

Another of its advantages is that this Corel company program offers the ability to improve the quality of the edition of these contents.

So, even creating your text transformation from scratch, you can apply a number of professional effects that will demonstrate the quality of your work. Some of these effects can be text with a 3D effect or a wet paint effect.

Learn how to create the effect of folding or folding in the center of your texts from scratch!

Unlike other effect styles applied within this program. Create this design on your text deserves really the use of different tools.

However, this sequence is quite simple and with just a few steps. What actually takes the longest is to create the folding effect within the text itself.

For this, you will need a background (only in preference, because if you don't want it, it doesn't deserve that you do), the text that will have the effect and a shadow line.


Creating a background design within Corel Photo Paint

You will start with a new project within the program and go to the menu " Object management ". Push the button " Add new object ”At the bottom to create two empty layers.

By selecting the second level, the icon " Interactive filling tool ”Found in the menu on the left.

Here you will have several options to choose the types of funds to create. For example, the " Bitmap pattern fill "To insert a texture, which can be changed to" Change fill ”According to the wishes of the user.

On the other hand, selecting the first level will also access the option " Interactive fill tool "But this time with the" Uniform filling ".

After setting the color of the second level, you just have to go back to the object menu to merge both via the menu bar by opting for " Multiply ".

Methods for applying the effect using text tools

To create the effect of folding or folding in the center of a text, you will only have to use the tool offered by Corel Photo Paint.

You just have to start by creating an object layer with the content you want to apply the effect to. Once created you have to duplicate it using the shortcut " Ctrl + D ".

Mainly you will have to differentiate each text. It is recommended that the top layer keep a dark color, while the bottom layer a lighter color or vice versa, depending on your taste.


Once this is done. Take care to align both texts using the card " Align and distribute ”And select the second text layer to apply the shadow to it.

Access the option " Shadow tool " on the left side. Apply a flat shadow from the center of the text to the bottom with an angle of 270º and change the values ​​of the shadow on the bar.

To get the effect, place one text on top of the other and on the first layer you will apply a " Object transparency "Located in" Shadow tool ".

Once the edit cursor is displayed, you just have to position yourself in the center of the text and drag down again by pressing the " Control ”To create the effect.

It should be noted that you need to make sure that the center point is folded at the beginning of the transparency to create the effect of folding or folding in the middle.

Finally, you just have to click on " Change transparency ”To change the transition and color scheme to see the result of your change.

Corel Photo Paint gives designers more options for working with text so they can create original works. Sometimes by simply using the right tools you can create an illusion without using a preset effect.

If you want to try something more innovative and risky, dare to make your own glitter motion GIF texts.

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