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WhatsApp has been putting the batteries in the last few months and added very interesting features for users, such as a tool to free up space in the app even simpler.

However, if we compare WhatsApp with Telegram, there are still things we lack, such as the ability to conduct group surveys. In 2020, while Telegram added three new survey types, Whatsapp has apparently it doesn't even have taken into consideration the introduction of this functionality.

This does not mean that you cannot take surveys on WhatsApp, only that you have to resort to external applications and websites to do so. And we will do it in this article to show you how to create polls on WhatsApp and add them to your groups.

The website we have chosen is Chat With, which has a specific tool for conducting surveys on WhatsApp. Step by step, we explain how to use this website to democratize your groups on the social platform.

Take part in polls on WhatsApp to find out the opinion of all members of the group.

Create and fill out the web survey

The first step you need to take to create your WhatsApp survey is access the web WhatsApp Surveys from Chat with. It is not necessary to do it from your PC, it is a page adapted for mobile and you can use it with your mobile without problems.

Dopo essere entrati nella pagina, compila una per una le diverse sezioni che compongono il sondaggio. Innanzitutto, in “Fai una domanda” devi enter the question which will appear as a star in the poll. Then, in the "Options" section, write the different options group members can choose from.

Finally, in "Survey duration", select the temporary duration of the survey, you can choose the days, hours and minutes of the survey. Before finalizing, review the survey to confirm that all data is correct.

Fill in the different sections of your survey for WhatsApp.

Add the survey to your group

Once you've created your survey, it's time to add it to your WhatsApp group so that i its members can participate in the democratic process.

To do this, click on the green button that appears at the end of the survey, where you will read "Save and share with WhatsApp". Next, you will have to choose between share the survey along with the options (“Share the poll along with your choices”) or share poll link only (“Share poll link only”).

The most recommended option is the former, as group members will be able to vote directly from the WhatsApp conversation. To finally add it, click on the green button "Share on WhatsApp" and, in the app, select the group you want to share it with.

Choose if you want to share the polls with options or just their link.

Rate and view the poll results

You've already created and added the survey to the WhatsApp group you designed it for, it's time for all users give their opinion choosing from the different options.

If you shared the survey with the options included, users will only need click on the link that appears under the chosen option. If you only shared the poll link, users will have to click on it and vote directly from the web page.

The cool thing about polls is knowing the result, so you can do it with what you've created in Chat With. Click on the survey link for see how many votes each option received, which one is winning and how much time is left to the end of the survey.

To expand the scope of the survey, copy the link and share it with other people via WhatsApp. After the time you have established, you will be able to know the final result of the survey and carry out what has been decided in it.

WhatsApp is not currently considering integrating a survey feature, but there are other alternatives like the one explained in this article that are easy to use and, as you have seen, very useful to know the opinion of the members of a group. Have you already decided what you will use these polls for in your WhatsApp groups?

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