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Did you know Roblox has Obby's maps? We show you the trick to make your own Obby in Roblox and not die trying.

Roblox is a video game that has fascinated the community of players, mainly the younger ones. And his is no less multi-platform system and the minimum requirements allow you to enjoy it, on PC, mobile phones and Xbox One completely free.

One of the coolest things about this title is that it has hundreds of virtual worlds with all genres, and there is one in particular that stands out from the rest known as «Obby».

How to make your own Obby on Roblox - Easy Guide

If you want to know what it is, what it is for and above all how to make your own Obby in Roblox, do not worry. In this article we will show you everything you need to learn the basics and at the same time improve your concentration levels. Join us!

What is an Obby and what is it for?

Regardless of whether you are a beginner of Roblox, these concepts may interest you. obby is one map style which refers to itineraries a obstacles in which you need to use your courage, fine motor skills, concentration and intelligence for complete and reach the end.

The positive part is that you can spend as long as you want as there is no time lapse and if you lose your life on the street you can easily start a new career from the control point.

Obby, a map that will help you increase your concentration levels

The downside is that there comes a time when the obstacles become more difficult to complete, causing you to die over and over again. These types of maps usually include jumps, climbs, riddles, trampolines, among others. And given the unlimited options that exist within Roblox, many of these Obby-style maps they have amazing themes from see.

Steps to follow to create your Obby

In Roblox you can create any game you want using the Roblox Studio construction tool. However, the important thing is that it is a world that is visually attractive, interesting, fun and, above all, very well structured to attract many people.

Enter the Roblox Studio construction tool to create your first Obby

If you want to learn a create an Obby you must know that first you must have Roblox Studio installed, secondly keep in mind that the procedure is completely free and it will not be necessary to buy Roblox to do it. But to post it on Roblox it will be necessary to acquire a Premium subscription, only then your friends will be able to view it and enter to play.

Now, these are the steps to follow for create your Obby in Roblox:

Open the Obby model

Roblox studio has several predefined templates, this way you can start your project on one of them. Inside the template menu is a named Obby, which you can open to get an idea of ​​what you'll be doing.

  • Launch the Roblox Studio application, then click the button "New" located in the upper left corner.
  • Find the model called Obby and click on its square.

Locate the Obby pattern to start creating

Add and move parts

When access the Obby template, will show a series of blocks, this will be the obstacle course they will have to cross on the map. In this case, what you should do is give it your personal touch, for this you will have to add or delete certain blocks.

  • Select the tab "Template" located at the top and click on the icon "Part" o "Part".
  • A song with several lines classified by color (red, blue and green) will be inserted automatically. This will determine the direction you want to give the piece, up, down, left or right.

Choose the pieces to start building your first Obby

Anchor the part

If you are sure the part added or modified go to that place, you have to anchor it and thus avoid accidentally moving it. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Find the option "Yet" in the upper center and click on it. It should be noted that you must have previously selected the piece you are going to anchor.

Try to fit the piece well to avoid any movement

Scale the pieces

The resizing of the pieces is possible in the Obby map, then you can do it in horizontally, vertically or if you prefer reduce its size. First of all, select the part you want to edit by following these steps:

  • Click on the option "Ladder" located at the top left.
  • It will show colored circles (red, blue and green) to modify the piece to your liking.

Move the piece, stretch and attach an anchor to your liking

Rotate the part

The option for rotate the part works the same way as the for option resize and move, make sure you have selected the part you are going to rotate.

  • Click on the tool "Wheel" located at the top left.
  • In the piece it will show circles around it in the colors red, blue and green. This way you can rotate the piece according to the map you have in mind.

Rotate the piece according to the map you are working on

Add other parts

Of course, you can add several types of geometric figures, so as to make the map much more interesting and attractive for your friends.

  • At the top center is the tool "Part". This tool features a drop-down menu, click on it.
  • Once the alternatives are displayed, click on the desired figure and place it where needed.

Create a map with your imagination and add ramps, circles or other geometric figures

Try the map

To go and test the map is necessary perform it, only then can you secure yours proper operation. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Click on the option «Play» which is at the top left, or you can also to press directly the key F5.
  • To stop the simulation, press i Shift + F5 keys.

To make sure your first Obby is doing well, you need to do some tests

Publish the map

Once you are done and applied all the corrections to your map, the next and final step is publish your creation on Roblox. It is important to clarify that once published, you can also make updates and changes as many times as you want.

  • Click on the option "File" and then click "Post to Roblox".
  • Fill out each of the forms and click "Create".

At the end of the tests and fixing all the details it's time to publish your Obby on Roblox

As you will see, create an Obby map with Roblox Studio it's very simple and the platform gives you great tools to start from scratch.

And to continue the journey you can try some of our best free games for Roblox and get inspired to start your own. Cheer up!

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