How to create your own branding and design kit for free using Canva

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A brand kit is a guide with graphic elements that allow you to better manage the branding of your company or business, generally through social networks or the internet.

It is essential to make sure that you provide all relevant information about your company or brand. The goal of a media kit is to succeed in grab people's attention, so that you can attract new potential customers and get to know you better.

How can I incorporate my company branding into my Canva project?

You need to create your media kit so that it is unique and that everyone recognizes it immediately, for this you can create and design a modern logo using your brand color palette and apply the same typeface.

With Canva, you have a wide range of template options that you can use as the basis for creating your branding and design kit. Or you can use your own templates.

A branding and design kit includes:

  • Colors
  • characters
  • Graphic style
  • Applications

To create your brand kit you must have already defined some basic aspects about the personality or style that you want your company or business to carry with it, such as a logo and a legend, a goal or a goal. Once you have a defined visual image, we will create our brand kit.

How to create a branding and design kit using Canva for free online

create a branding and design kit using Canva for free online, go to their website and log in. Once inside, from the menu on your left, click on Create Design.

It will offer you several options. From the button at the top of the screen, to your right Custom size, enter the width and height you want to give your design. Then click Create Layout.

As always, a new tab opens, with a blank sheet to start the design and the entire tools menu to your left. Upload a template you own of your brand design or opt for one of those offered by Canva.

Now go to Your Brand, also from the menu on the left. From there, you can upload your logo images in PNG, JPG, or SVG, or in a vector from Uploaded Files> Upload New File.

You can upload as many images as you want and access each one with a single click once they are already uploaded. This way they will remain on the drawing sheet and will be ready to be edited (for example, you can also create a pixel effect on them).

If you want to set or change your branding color, from the Color Palette tab at the top of the screen, choose as many colors as you want. We always recommend that there be no more than two or three.

In order to change the typography of your text, whether it's color, spacing, line spacing, size, transparency, or font, you need to go to the Typography tab from the top of the screen.

As for the font of the text, you can use some of the fonts from Canva or upload your font. To do this, you need to google it and download the font file.

Then, from the top of the screen on the Typography tab, click Load Font. Find the file you downloaded on your computer and upload it to Canva.

Now you just have to let your imagination fly and create a unique design to be able to highlight your company and make it grow. If you have any questions about how to create your own branding and design kit using Canva for free, can write it down in the comments so we can help you.

As a personal advice, you should look for information such as: how to resize and resize a design ?, or how to create animated gifs ?, because these extras will help you personalize your design even more.

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