How to create your own luxury hotel on Roblox and get filled?

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Generally, hotels on Roblox are starting points for winning large sums of " money »In the game or organize various events that in some way increase the score and reputation of your prestigious venue.

Of course, before starting your hotel adventure, you must first create a good character or avatar and also create or make clothes in Roblox, which is customized for you (which sets you apart from the rest).

Where can you create your own luxury hotel on Roblox?

If you are new to this section of the game and the topic has caught your attention, it is because you are thinking of putting your building skills to the test. But from where can i start? What do I have to do? Where should I find the necessary tools? These are understandable questions that will be clarified below (remember that in addition to structures, you can also create or make games on Roblox that are public).

As is well known, Roblox is a platform or a compendium with small " minigames «, Worlds, modalities or forms, able to offer different alternatives to enjoy the time invested in the game.


In case you want to create your own luxury hotel on Roblox, there is a long list of hotel building simulators, from editions " BETA To better known as Hotel Empire Tycoon or Hotel Tycoon.

Both simulators work with a 3D generator and allow you to build hotels from scratch, depending on the money available. They differ in that the Hotel Empire Tycoon works with a slightly more rustic and methodical options interface than Hotel Tycoon, the latter is a bit more liberal, it also works in Spanish.

Step by step to start your hotel empire

For the purpose of this tutorial, you will learn how to create your own Roblox luxury hotel inside the Empire Tycoon Hotel. Since it offers a greater understanding of the game by being exposed in Spanish and its simple interface, coupled with the fact that it is the edition with the highest usage figures by the Roblox community.

Enter the game by logging in and in the section » Toys »Search for Hotel Empire Tycoon and click» Play »Represented by a green button. Your avatar will enter this mode without any problems and the next thing is to look for a good ground to start your construction.


You have to consider that the more money you have, the better the quality of your hotel will be. As a first step, look at the left side of the screen and select » Planes »The compass icon. Choose the plan that fits your budget, browsing through various options such as " motel ", "Little tower", » moderno ", among others.

If you have little money, select " Motel " and then " Buy «, Being the most basic thing you can buy. The facility will appear automatically and if your money is still enough, the same option will offer you "Buy a 2nd floor" which, if you wish, you can click without hesitation.

You can buy more apartments if the money is enough, but remember that you need to manage this wisely, as the next step is furnishing your condo. To do this, press " Real estate »On the sofa icon to use the object finder and start creating your own luxury hotel in Roblox.

How to fill your hotel?

Gradually your small hotel will grow as your money allows you to buy new luxury things. You can select » Score »In the thumb icon to know the approval of your hotel based on the visits it receives and» Score »In the medal symbol to show the stars that your hotel has.

Innovate and place objects that are surprising, modern and that give identity to your hotel; Plus, create events, meetings, or parties that attract new audiences and boost your reputation. Go ahead, imagination is your ally!

Finally, once you have done all of the above, you should find out how to make your Roblox game (in this case your world or hotel) famous and popular.

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