How to Delete a League of Legends Account Forever - Delete LoL Account

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We can't deny that League can trap us for an enormous amount of hours. Especially when you are learning What is League of Legends? If you want stop this vice for a while, then the best thing is to delete the account directly and move on to something else and look for example What other MOBA games are there like League of Legends? - Games like League. We will go through the whole process in detail so that you can perform this.

How to delete LoL account forever

Before deleting your League created account you should be clear about a few things. Before we proceed with deleting a League of Legends account, let's see everything you need to know to make the right decision.

  • You will not be able to use your account: Obviously, after deleting it, you will no longer be able to use your account, as it has been completely deleted, you will no longer be able to log in.
  • All your information is deleted: following the same line as the previous point, all your data, friends, contacts, everything are deleted.
  • You cannot delete it by yourself: The way to delete an account is to send a request to the Riot Games support team. They have the task of verifying that everything is in order and proceed with the elimination.
  • In 30 days, your account ceases to exist: the cancellation process will begin after 30 days. During this time you can "repent" and ask for it to be canceled.
  • You cannot go back once deleted: After the account has been deleted, you will not be able to recover it in any way. That is why we advise you to be completely sure of what you will do.

Delete my account from League or deactivate it?

In case your idea is to take a break or you're not quite sure you want to eliminate forever. So we can also disable it temporarily. This will make it appear that your profile has been deleted. However, by temporarily disabling it, you will be able to log in again later as if nothing had happened.

In this way we avoid that it is deleted, which as we have already explained, in this way you could not recover it. Its information is stored on the company's servers, so you can activate it whenever you want.

To be able to deactivate it, you will have to go to the section "Support" and then in «Submit Request», it's that simple to temporarily deactivate a LoL account.

How to permanently delete a League of Legends account

If you are totally sure of this, you will have to follow the steps that we are going to describe below and in this way you will be able to delete your LoL account forever:

  • The first thing we will do is log in from the official site.
  • Later we will go to " Support »Or» Support »Located at the top of the screen.
  • In this section we will have to click on the option » Send request »Which we will also find in the top menu.
  • In " Select a type of request »You will have to click and several options will appear in a drop-down menu. Here you will have to choose «Management of the my account, information request or account cancellation «.
  • In " Subject »We will have to indicate what the request is about. Here we can write " elimination account »Or» Delete my account «.
  • In the description you will need to provide important information so that your request is processed quickly. It is important for them that you clarify: your account name, name other players see, server, creation date, country from which you registered it and email address.
  • Once all the data has been completed, all that remains is to press the button » Send »Found at the bottom of the screen.

After that, in a few days the support team will contact you by email to carry out the process of deleting your account. Remember that you have to be totally sure you want to do this, as once deleted, you will not be able to recover it.

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