How to delete credit card registered in Free Fire on iPhone or Android

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Always want have smooth games and for this you have to optimize the performance of your mobile and for this there is the possibility to activate the game mode on mobile phones to stay at the forefront when it comes to innovating the game.

What is free fire?

Garena free fire has become a most downloaded exponential game in around the world in 2019 with many active users around the world, this game is about action and adventure.

The game begins falling on an island in search of weapons and also of equipment to kill other players, today the people responsible for this game are working on an improved version. There are ways to download free fire for free on pc or android. This game is quite representative because the platforms were devising the mode for mobile.

This game has many better designs of others that existed years ago from its graphics to its advanced interface, it has exploded in popularity and from all over the world you can connect to play. The Free fire game prevails over interest and is a good option for devices that entertains with its great content and also promises fighting.

Delete the credit card registered in free fire on Android

La online purchase methods has become common, a large part of the population is part of it because without having to move from home we can buy products but we must know that when it comes to games, the purchase must be made through the Google Play Store with a package and you get the game.

That said, it becomes difficult to get the option to remove the card because this option doesn't appear in the game but we can walk you through a few steps.

È necessario start by entering Google Play Store where applications are downloaded, then proceed to search for the menu and log in to the account.

Next let's look at the payment methods option, you have to press where it says your payment settings, then when the card we added appears, click remove and then we will culminate that the game card will already be deleted.

In general, the steps are simple but it is recommended to delete the card after purchase to avoid inconvenience. There are many users who do these free-fire purchases because it is a quick and easy way, with this you can get skills for your character.

Delete the credit card registered in free fire on Iphone

In case of having the game on iphone and we want to eliminate the credit card we have to guide us through the following steps, the main thing is to enter the phone settings, we proceed to select our name, then it is necessary to enter where it says payment and shipping and the cards that we have saved in our iphone will appear and of course we must select the card that in this case we want to eliminate the one we have affiliated with the game.

So basically let's look where it says change payment method and we select where none says, then the card will be canceled. The important thing to know about all these steps is that our credit cards will not be exposed for other purposes or to be used by third parties.

Video games have opened one takes you to another virtual world, many of them vary in their characteristics, there are also many popular and famous games that do not need an Internet connection for Android.

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