How to delete data from another folder on PS4 to free up system memory?

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The PS4 console is one of the queens of the gaming world, because it has excellent internal functions (such as the one that allows you to edit videos), however the Play has the small problem of running out of memory to meet the game's requests.user, and that is why today you will see how to delete data from other folder on PS4.

And it is that, as you have already noticed if you have the console, most of today's games (especially AAA) they take up too much memory not just to download, but also to work well, which makes it imperative to create a guide like this to understand that detail.

How to delete data from others folder on PS4?

Now, getting straight to the point, what you should know to delete data from the other folder on PS4, is that actually this folder cannot be deleted from your system, at least not eliminating it like any other.

This is because usually this folder is the one that saves the space a game needs to download (it is the one that reserves the space), so it is a system folder, which it will not be canceled in any conventional way (said by Play himself on his official website).

To get rid of it, what you need to do is free up some space on your PS4, so that's what we'll be showing you today, some techniques so you can lose weight in your memory of your internal hard drive.

The first of these tricks is the simplest, and it concerns deleting all the downloads that for some reason you have left pending, this technique works because by deleting the downloads, the weight in GB reserved for them will be released from the folder of the others.

In case you want to get some of the downloads, propose to finish the download, but don't leave them paused, as this will take up space. If you don't know how to delete a download, all you need to do is go to the section of the same name from the menu.

And once there, hit the function button to get a mini drop-down menu where the “Delete” option, press it and that's it, a game as kids.

Erase your saved game data!

With the above, in theory you already know how to delete data from other folder on PS4, so now it will show you another very effective technique for saving space and reduce the size of said folder.

This technique is used to delete saved game data, to do this you have to go to “Settings” from the main menu, and then on “Application saved data management”.

This action will take you to a section where you will find options for "System storage" and "Online or USB storage" (USB is the option that comes out when you decide to change hard drive to expand memory), choose one and press the "Delete" option which is right there.

Then you will be shown the list of your games, choose one, with that you will be redirected to your personal section and in it there will be the game data separately, so mark the boxes of the ones you want to delete and press "Delete", for Last, click "Accept" to confirm your decision.

And voila, with that it will definitely lower the space of the other folder a lot, allowing you to download more stuff, so you can tell that you already know how to delete data from the other folder on PS4.

Now that everything on this topic has been clear to you, you have nothing left to do here, so you are free to go and try these solutions, however, to complete the space problem, you can take advantage of it and search for an article at once About Which internal and external hard drive is suitable for the PS4?

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