How to delete or delete games, data or game logs from Nintendo Switch

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THE Nintendo switch is the console developed by “Nintendo” which will provide you with many hours of fun, thanks to the great variety of games it offers; but for some of the users who use it, they feel that its internal memory is not enough to store all the games they wish to have.

The games on this console are on cartridge format (memory chip), for this reason many gamers want to know how they can delete games and data from Nintendo Switch, this is a very simple process that won't take you long.

Nintendo Switch memory

This console will allow you to play all games you want, providing you with the games older, more famous and more current; You can play with your friends and family by creating groups online, this will ensure that you and your family have fun while playing together

The new Nintendo console uses Carthusians to distribute their games, this will ensure that there is no need to install the games on the console; But the problem arises, when users want to buy or download digitally, it happens that this console only has 32 GB of internal memory.

For this reason, the console has no enough space to archive some games, which need more storage space to play, not many games will be reliable to keep them in archive, what is more recommended is to play them and at the end of the game completely, delete it and insert new games. 

It must be said that this device does not accept an external USB memory, because they are not supported. When you download a game, a notification will appear indicating that your Nintendo does not have enough space to download the game you want to get.

How to delete games from Nintendo Switch?

Deleting games from the console will be the best option to open up space for yours The steps you need to follow are as follows: The first thing to do is turn on the console by pressing button "A", then we will unlock the console. To do this, press button "A" three times.

When we are in the main console menu, we go up “Console Configuration” (this is the one with a gear logo) once there, we go down the list, until we find the one that says “Data Management” then hit the option “Manage programs”.

Here we will observe, the list of all games that the console has (both on the hard drive and on the SD card), we look at this list for the game we want to delete, when we find it we select it; we will see that a new window will appear in which it is necessary to press "Delete the program", another window will appear and select "Delete", then press "OK".

You can also repeat this process, whenever you want to delete each game manually, by doing so the game will be completely removed from your device and the only way to recover it is to download it again.

How to delete only Nintendo Switch games?

When you delete the game, all games will be deleted; But if you just want delete games, to free up some space but continue to keep the game, to do it you will only have to follow a series of steps, if you want to make this process easier you can connect your Nintendo to a TV and in this way carry out the process without making mistakes .

First what are we going on "Home", then press "Settings", in the right menu we will go to "Data management", once here we select "Screenshots" (Saved data and screenshots). 

Now let's choose "Delete save data", we press the game from which you want to delete the saved games, by doing so you will not be able to recover these data, as they will be completely deleted.

On the other hand, if you want have more space you can also delete your credit card data, also if you want more space, you need to get a "MicroSD" memory, here you can also store games, because this console allows you to save games in this type of drive, you can also use a " 128GB memory, which is four times the capacity of Nintendo.

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