How to delete or remove my gamertag from Xbox Live quickly and easily?

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What do i need to remove my gamertag from Xbox Live?

First of all, you must know that the Gamertag is personal, i.e. your e-mail account will always be linked to this identifier, even if you decide to change the Gametarg username to Xbobx, who you are will still appear. Therefore, there are a couple of ways to remove your gamertag that can affect your email.

Microsoft account is the first option, deleting your account will cancel all your connections, ie it will delete your gamertag. For this, you have to enter your Microsoft profile from a computer and delete your account.

On the other hand, one option that might be a perhaps a bit boring solution is that to delete Gamertag only by unsubscribing. For this, you will need to collect some data and have some patience, as this method can be a bit slow.

To achieve this, you must have your email associated with said Gamertag, password, Nickname and finally your country's technical support number. With this, you have to call and start the process, they will ask you for this information and maybe some more, such as your age and some security questions.



Once the call is finished, the service will tell you how long the Gamertag will be deleted, which can range from hours to days. Please note that this Nick may not be released upon removal, it may take a few days or months beforehand.

With either method the process is effective, although one takes a little less time than the other, eventually the goal will be achieved. Keep in mind that if you delete your Nick, it can no longer be recovered, not even on the same console as ever. You could also try resetting your Xbox to factory settings to see if it works.

Is it really necessary to delete my gamertag from Xbox Live?

There are several reasons for deleting your account it may not be the solution, for example, if you just want to sell your console, just remove the Gamertag from it. For this, it is only necessary to access certain sites within your console.

First, you need to go to the system configuration of your console, then, go to the "Archiving" section, you need to find where the profiles are saved. Once inside the profiles folder, select the Gametag of the profile and delete its data, so the console will not have your account data.

Keep in mind that you have to decide whether to delete all profile data, such as saved or downloaded games, this will take all data. If you don't want it, choose to delete only the profile, so everything else will stay in the console.

Once you've cleared all this data, you can recover the profile on another console or just leave your gamertag for later. Therefore, it may not be so urgent to know how to delete my Gamertag from Xbox Live, which can be a bit excessive.


Do you need to keep your gamertag?

An important tip is that if what you are looking for is to free the Gamertag, it will be preferable to change the email. A Nick of this system can be registered for up to two years before being released.

Changing the email is simple, you will have need two three emails and a couple of Xbox accounts, the yours and another that you can create. To achieve this, start by freeing up the email account you want to use with Gamertag, enter an extra email, which you can easily create.

So, you just have to make one change the email to the account with the Gamertag you want, so you can use a single email without losing the Gamertag. In case you want to pass it on to someone else, you just have to enter their email in the account.

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