How to disable 2fa Fortnite two-factor authentication on PS4?

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In most current accounts and devices, double authentication is used a lot, because it protects the user from hacking, however it doesn't always work for the best and can sometimes become a problem (like when changing your name in Fortnite).

How to disable two-factor authentication?

Going straight to the point that interests you, so that you can turn off two-factor authentication, the first thing you need to do is go to the official Epic Games website.

In it you have to enter your credentials to be admitted, which would be the email and password, once inside you have to click on the user icon located in the upper right corner of the screen and in the menu you choose “Account”.

With this action, you will be taken to another section where you need to press the call option "Password and security", found in the different selections that appear on the left side of the screen.

There you will notice many options, locate that call "Two-step authentication", when you see it, all you have to do is disable the authentication box you chose earlier (remember there are three but you can only choose one).

And voila, with that it will be deactivated, and now you can enter the game or perform some extra action without having to verify it's you everytime. However, it's not recommended to do this forever, as not having that extra level of security can take its toll.

Remember that Fortnite is not responsible for what happens with your account (it's company policy), so if you get hacked, for example, you will lose all the progress you had saved forever.

How to enable two-step authentication?

Now that you know how to turn off two-factor authentication, it's time for a little extra that you see the opposite process, i.e. how this authentication is turned on, for the first time or after you turn it off.

To get started, the initial process is the same as the previous one, you need to go to the account section, then to the password and password section, only this time instead of disabling a box, you will need to enable them by clicking on them.

There are three options to choose from: authentication via an application, authentication via email or mail, and authentication via SMS. They all do the same, they send you a message to the corresponding medium to verify that it is you.

It should be noted that to activate one you must first authenticate and verify your Fortnite account, you can do that tapping the option "Send verification email" that you find under the authentication boxes.

And once they have sent you this email, you have to press the corresponding link that comes to you. With the latter, you already know everything you need to be able to turn off two-factor authentication and also turn it back on.

Now you can focus on finding out how to perform other functions in Fortnite, such as the one that allows you to quickly link your Twitch account with Epic Games, or the one that allows you to walk taking selfies across the map while rivals kill each other. remember that the sky is the limit in this wonderful epic title. 

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