How to disable or remove parental controls in Fortnite?

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Fortnite Parental Controls

Fortnite Parental Controls is a resource that allows you to set up limits related to the actions a player can see or do in the game.

What is Fortnite parental control for?

With the activation of parental controls in Fortnite, parents of children playing Fortnite language Filter Adults by text chat. In addition, they can hide the names of players who are not part of the squad, hide the player name, activate or deactivate the chat and receive reports about the time the child spends playing.

How does Fortnite parental control work?

Just like Windows Parental Controls work, Fortnite Parental Controls have a custom settings menu which focuses on aspects such as adult language, automatic rejection of friend requests, hiding the player name, control of text and voice chats and purchase restrictions.

Parents interested in configuring this control must access the Fortnite platform and in the menu to the right of the interface they will find the option "Parental Control". The system requires a password or a PIN and a confirmation by e-mail. Then, a window will appear showing the configuration options and the “Save” button.

Benefits of Fortnite Parental Controls

With Fortnite Parental Controls, parents can track the time their children spend playing and limit communication with other players by turning off voice and text chat. Additionally, you can hide the player's name to protect their personal data and disconnect the child from other unknown players. It is also possible to take action when a child has spent money on Fortnite without parental permission.

Next, we explain what you need to do to disable or remove parental controls in Fortnite successfully.

How to disable or remove parental controls in Fortnite?

To deactivate this function, it is essential to enter the password or the six-digit PIN through which the user previously logged in option configuration. Optionally, you need to log in to the email linked to your account as you will know if any changes have been made under your permission.

Therefore, parental controls is a component that can only be activated or deactivated by the person who has taken control of the player's account. This user only knows the access PIN and can configure or modify the previously established options.

Disable Fortnite Parental Controls

If you have set up parental control and now you want disable restrictions by mutual agreement with the player, you must access the Fortnite platform from PC or mobile device. Once in the room, locate the menu and select the "Parental Control" option.

After that, you will see a new window with a set of options  that you need to deselect. Finally, click on the "Save" button. In this way the system will modify the configuration eliminating the limits established through the parental control.

Remove parental control

Once the user (parent or guardian) has activated parental control via a password (PIN) and an email linked to the account, it is not possible to permanently remove this component.

Parental control is one optional function that you can configure to your liking only by enabling or disabling the options offered by the gaming platform.

Some advices

Parental Controls may be the best option for those parents who want to monitor their activities their children carry out in front of the computer or console. Take a look at the context and circumstances before disabling this important tool to regulate what your children do when you are not with them. You can also learn how to set up parental controls on Android and iOS in case your kids are using mobile devices.

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