How to dive and swim in GTA 5? Can you immerse yourself indefinitely in Grand Theft Auto 5?

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Diving and swimming in GTA 5

With so much water around you on beaches and piers, as well as lakes and rivers, sooner or later you will fall into one of them. If you are worried that one of your characters might drown, you can rest easy. Once the water level exceeds the character's height, the character will start swimming automatically. You don't need any additional equipment or learn any skills.

You can also try diving and exploring the depths as Rockstar hasn't spared the details in that respect either. Here you will find from ship wrecks and helicopters sunk up to strange treasures. But the dangers have not passed just because you have moved away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the water hides its own risks and they are the following:


Once you are in the water and decide to dive in to dive and swim in GTA 5 for a while, the terrible blue bar will appear. Yup located next to the life bar and indicates how long the character you are controlling can hold their breath.

As you dive, this bar will slowly begin to drain, indicating the amount of oxygen left. Once it reaches zero, the life bar will begin to empty rapidly since your character is simply drowning. In these cases, you need to go back to the surface and catch your breath.

Although you shouldn't acquire it earlier if you can train pool swimming skill. With this, you will gain greater speed and will be able to hold out holding your breath longer, something incredibly useful.

Hostile creatures

If you find yourself in the sea, do not hesitate, sooner or later you will meet a shark with unoriginal ideas. For this and any other creatures you find, you will have the your knife only while in the water. At this point your skill will be decisive to make it out alive.

How to get infinite oxygen for diving and swimming in GTA 5?

When it comes to the secrets of the ocean, I assure you that there is a lot to discover, but perhaps quick dives are not enough to reach it. You would need something else if you want to get to the bottom of the matter, it is better to have a diving suit.

Fortunately for you, it exists! Some players indicate this could be some kind of glitch, but others claim it was intentional. Regardless of the reason, you can easily get it and take advantage of it for diving and swimming in GTA 5.

All you have to do is go to the pier on the south side of the island. There, in one of the most remote corners, you will find a green boat whose model is perfect for fast and light raids.

If you ride it, taking it into the sea, when you dive into the water you will automatically appear in a diving suit. This will not improve your diving skills, but with its infinite oxygen it will allow you to stay immersed as long as you want.

Another option through which you can achieve the same result is to go north, on the left side of the island. There you will find a pier with a curious yellow submarine, which uses it as the boat, from also to the wearer an automatic diving suit.

With this there are no more excuses, now you are definitely ready to reach the depths of the vast ocean and discover all its secrets, what are you waiting for?

Another ability that will be of great help in being able to perpetuate robberies will be that of being invisible. Another unknown that you can find during the game is like opening a parachute, this skill will serve you when you go for a jump.

Whether you have an Xbox or PlayStation console or play from your PC with GTA5, you have the ability to play online with other players. Once you have finished the game, remember to save it to avoid losing the progress made during the day

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