How to do missions in GTA 5 if they no longer appear - Grand Theft Auto 5 hidden missions

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And at this point many players are wondering what to do after completing missions. The truth is, GTA 5 hides many side missions and hidden that can be made and enjoy many hours of fun.

If you don't know what to do after completing the main missions of the game, keep reading because in the next article we will tell you the hidden and secondary missions that you can play in GTA 5.

Side Quests: Weird and Crazy

Strangers and Madmen are a series of side missions required for complete the campaign 100%, however, only 24 missions of this type are essential to complete them to finish the game at 100%, the others are optional.

- strangers and crazy missions they have a total of 63 encounters with different citizens spread across the map who will ask you for favors, set traps, or have to take them to a certain location.

Sarai in degree of recognize these types of missions because they will be marked with a green dot if you are with Franklin, blue if you are with Michael or orange if you are with Trevor. Next we leave a list with all the weird and crazy missions.

Tonya Wiggins

  • Ask for favors
  • Another favor
  • Another favor
  • And give him the favors
  • One last favor


  • Changes

Beverly felton

  • paparazzi
  • Paparazzi - The porn video
  • Paparazzi – Partners
  • Paparazzi - Height
  • Paparazzi - Collapse
  • Paparazzi - The harsh reality

Peter Dreyfuss

  • Young star in Vinewood


  • Green Movement – ​​Michael
  • Green Movement – ​​Franklin
  • Green Movement – ​​Trevor
  • Green Movement - The Pickup
  • Green movement - Stop dragging
  • Green Movement - The Smoke

Maryann quinn

  • Demons "trained" - Michael
  • "Exercised" Demons - Franklin
  • Demons "trained" - Trevor

Epsilon program

  • In search of the truth
  • Accept the truth
  • Assuming the truth
  • Chasing the truth
  • Loading with the truth
  • Deliver the truth
  • Exercise the truth
  • Forget the truth


  • Massacre 1 / Massacre: Rednecks
  • Massacre 2 / Massacre: Vagos
  • Massacre 3 / Massacre: Ballas
  • Massacre 4 / Massacre: Military
  • Massacre 5 / Massacre: Hipsters

Cletus Ewing

  • Shooting practice
  • Major Hunt


  • Civil border police
  • American welcome
  • The militiaman blues

Maude church

  • Special fugitives

Abigail madri

  • Death at sea
  • Below the surface

Nigel and Mrs Thornhill

  • Nigel and Mrs Thornhill
  • Vinewood Souvenir - Willie
  • Souvenir di Vinewood – Tyler
  • Remembrance of Vinewood – Kerry
  • Remembrance of Vinewood – Mark
  • Vinewood Souvenir - Al Di Napoli
  • Vinewood Souvenir - Fine

Josh Bernstein

  • Extra commission
  • Closing the deal
  • Embarrassed to meet you
  • breach of contract


  • Past discussion
  • The last frontier

Dominic "Dom" Beasley

  • Risk management
  • Liquidity risk
  • Direct risk
  • Risk not calculated

Trevor's mom

  • Mrs Philips
  • Damaged goods


  • The last

Hidden missions

The game has multiple hidden missions, some of which are very strange. This without counting the multiple MOD available that open up the range of playable missions even more. Some of the hidden missions you can unlock are:

The lost submarine

This quest will only appear if you have purchased the dock of sonar search. You have to go with Michael and you will have to use a submarine to find 25 pieces hidden under the sea using the radar that the submarine has.


This mission only appears when you play with Trevor. You will have to meet strangers and crazy people and instead of taking them to the place they indicate you can take them to the top of a mountain where psychopaths live that kidnap and eat people.

On the map you will be able to see the location of the hill because it will be marked with an A and say altruistic. After delivering people with this group of maniacs, you will receive one good amount of money.


Assassins to order

To do this you must complete all Fame and Drama missions with Franklin and we'll get a call from Lester to take out some people.

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